Thursday, July 1, 2010

Homemade Korean BBQ Feast!XD

It was on last Friday(18/6/2010) where Audrey Chong wanted to spend one of her last days of freedom before she disappears into the books for her next A-levels exam!She had a nice homemade Korean BBQ session in her living room!XD.Since me and Audrey have not eaten lunch so we started BBQ-ing at 5p.m!XP.Our stomach is calling for us to fill them up!XD

Amanda dropped by after a while cause her house is just opposite the road!Audrey is always ready to smile for the camera!XD
Audrey in action again!XD.We were watching Music Bank on the KBS channel while eating!I was screaming occasionally cause I saw Nickhun(2PM) and more hot guys on TV!XD

It is chicken meat marinated in Tok To Gi sauce or however you spell it...Its a red sauce which is not spicy.

Beef meat.I think...
Its looks bloody but its actually not blood!XP

I actually love to eat the burned garlic and onions though it is bad for my health but when it comes to yummy food,who cares?XD

So after eating it until 7p.m I think,we took a small break and I use my Blakhol to take pictures outside and went to Amanda's house to take pictures of her bunnies too!XD.The pictures below are taken by Amanda with my Lumix camera.
The horny male bunny was actually afraid of Blakhol!
Pregnant female bunny.

Do you see now,why I call the male bunny horny?She's already pregnant for carrot's sake!
Aww...but he doesn't look horny in this picture!So innocent!XD

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