Monday, August 29, 2011

Review for Jesse's Girl Cosmetics-Pigments and Lip Gloss(Pink Lemonade)

Hello!I am back and I will first start with a Jesse's Girl cosmetics review!Just for your information that these products were sent to me by Fringe Fashion because I requested to try it out and review it for her so she sent some free samples for me.

Let's start with the lip gloss!The flavour is called Pink Lemonade and it definitely smelled like one!

The applicator.

Without the lip gloss.

With the gloss.As you can see,its a simple sheer gloss and it is not sticky at all.It glides on my lips smoothly but I am not sure if it is long lasting cause I have not tried that yet.

Next is the eyeshadow pigments!
This one is called Baby Blues.I just applied it straight on my lids without any primer cause I don't have one and I used my fingers.

The color is quite pigmented and it has silver and blue glitters so it has a duochrome effect which my camera failed to capture!One of my favourite colors!

Next is called Peek-a-boo.

As you can see,it is pretty much a shimmery pink color with a tiny hint of purple.

Blue Moon.

I love this color!it is a very pigmented blue eyeshadow and it really looks good on brown eyes!

Sunlit Cactus.

Another favourite of mine!It is so PRETTY!It has the duochrome effect too,it changes from brown to green!The area below my eyebrow is red because I was scratching it cause it was itchy.So it it not eyeshadow.

Next is Majestic Green.

This is not as pigmented compared to the rest of the colors and I don't know why but I feel that when people with brown eyes wear green eyesahow,their eyes will look like a tree.Same thing that goes for clothing too.

Lastly,Cafe Au Lait.

Another nice color which has the right amount of pigmentation.Very natural looking could be the a nice color to use to create brown smokey eyes.Its a shimmery brown color.

Overall,I rate Jesse's Girl Lip Gloss in Pink Lemonade a 7/10 and Jesse's Girl eyeshadow pigments a 8/10!I recommend girl's who are just starting to explore and experiment on make-up and with a budget to try out Jesse Girl's cosmetic cause its affordable!The Pure Pigment Eye Dusts only costs RM15.90 but now Fringe Fashion is having a promotion on her site and it only costs RM12.90!That's a pretty good deal if you ask me so get it while it is still on promotion.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Visiting Anitkabir,Ankara