Monday, May 31, 2010

Off to the Highlands~

Going go up to Genting Highlands tonight with the 'Happy Tree Friends' gang cause it will sort of be our last big outing together before everyone will be busy in their new colleges and assignments~

7 people stuff in 1 hotel room...I still don't think it will be a comfortable arrangement and I AM NOT SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR AND NO ONE CAN MAKE ME!!!!XP

P.S:I will still be free till June~~~XD

Friday, May 28, 2010

Steamboat at Umami with Freddy!XD(18/5/2010)

I know this was last 2 weeks ago but I am starting to lose my blogging mojo!*smacks head on wall*

I will let the pictures do the talking then!XD
Steph,Sherly & Fei Chen!We went to Nando's for brunch after getting out test results from UTAR.
Xin Ni!XD
Fei Chen's sparkling apple drink~~~
My Hot Peri Peri Chicken with Peri Chips and Coleslaw~~~I don't like the chips though.
The dudes are late as always,they tend to walk slower than a normal male.

Kai Jun attacking the hormone chicken!XD.(inside joke!XD)

After everyone's done with lunch then it's time for Nightmare on Elm Street!
Freddy doesn't look scary in the movie but I went to the loo for at least 3 times throughout the movie cause I drank too much Ice Lemon Tea before the movie and the sound effects scared me that if I don't pee now then I might wet myself during the movie.Too bad Kellan Lutz died so early!T_T

So after the movie,we hang out at Toys R Us for a while and walk around aimlessly in Mid Valley then went to eat steamboat at Umami Steamboat Restaurant!
What the heck was I doing then?!-_-
This stove is used to cook our food~~~

Seafood again~

And again~so you're probably sick of seafood by now~XD

More Greens~
End of Greens~
Variety of Chilli sauce.

More sauces~

Wilson is an expert in avoiding cameras.-_-
Oh look!Panda and Stars!XD

Kim Chi also?0_0
The only fruits they have there~

The selection of Ice-cream flavours they have~XD
Everyone else so busy picking the food and I didn't even take anything!XD

The fingers of a crabstick freak!

I have no idea about the green sauce on top cause I didn't try this.

You can choose between those for the chefs to barbeque it for you.
We get to choose from a variety of soup base such as Tom Yam,Umami Special,Herbal Chicken and more!But we choose Tom Yam and Herbal Chicken.The Tom Yam soup is not spicy at all but I was expecting it to be spicy cause its Tom Yam!

Eating crabs are painful!-Hon Yuen

I cannot resist when there is ice-cream nearby!XD
Everyone's turn to raid the ice-cream bar!XD

Someone ordered a BBQ squid but it came as a very small squid...-_-lll
Wow,we actually have a decent shot of the Mr.Sarcastic Wong Kai Jun!
Steph had an issue with Chee Keen for using his chopstick to grab the food instead of using the proper scoop,so all of us were like watching his every move whenever he tries to grab something.
We need a calculator to divide the bill!XP
If I'm not mistaken they were having some promotion that the 1st diner will have to pay RM26.80,2nd diner will only pay RM16.80.

Overall I think there is wide selection of food to choose from which is good!The ambiance is also good,service is good too!Price is affordable also.

Address to Umami House Of Steamboat(credits to Super Pages):

12B (Ground Floor),Jalan PJS 8/17, Dataran Mentari, Petaling Jaya
46150 Selangor.

Open for dinner daily, from 5pm - 12.00am.
TEL.: 603-56222663

Pictures are taken by me,Xin Ni and Wilson!XD