Sunday, October 25, 2009

2nd Semester~

started last week~

things got pretty hectic,everyone was obviously still in Lalaland,I was really tired and started staying inside my little shell again...

Hard to make new friends when all of them has their own cliques already and I FINALLY GOT MY PURPLE CUP!!!XD.Thank god,it didn't run out of stock!

Chloe has finally made contact with me!After 1 month of disappearing to Russia,I finally found out that she's alive and freezing in Russia(It's autumn right now in Russia)!XD.Miss you a lot woman!T_T.She's enjoying herself being surrounded by hot but hairy Russian men!XD

I am gonna do a book review for 'The Host' soon when I feel like it and I'm gonna introduce a new member in my family!XD

Friday, October 9, 2009

I got a freaking~

B- for Accountings!!!I hate accountings!Holy cheese,am I dreaming?!0_0

A- for English!XD.Though I was hoping for an A+.

B+ for Arts!It was a very hard paper cause I have to draw and color like kindergarten so am I bloody dreaming again?!0_0

B- for Public Speaking!Its alright!XD

Here comes the worst!
D for Computer Studies & Economics!No surprises there!

Those above are the results for my First Semester Finals!


I got a 2.4 GPA,which is just right!The shocking thing for me was Accountings and Arts!I got a B- for Accountings thanks to my dear friend WILSON LEE for teaching me and showing me guidance till the day of the examination!I LOVE YOU,MAN!XD

Arts was a really hard paper exclude the objective part!I have to draw some
retarded boy and do shadows using some techniques which i totally forgotten already and I have to draw 2 Koi fishes and color them with color pencils!0_0.It was kindergarten all over again!You don't how stressful it was,to draw retarded boy and Koi fishes!I nearly wanted to give up!T_T.But I did it and I'm happy!XD

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vampire Novels-3=Vampire Academy Series

Its the first book & I love this book and the whole series!XD.OK,I love all my books but this one gets more love!XD.The writer plans to make this series consist of 6 books,which is great at least more than Twilight series which is only 5 books.Its cliche,but I love it!XD

Second Book!Really sad ending.T_T.I don't know why but I like it when a guy has name like Dmitri,Edward,Damien,etc...I find those names interesting!Maybe I will name my son after one of it!XD

Third book!Crap,this book is depressing on the start.Less depressing,more exciting in the climax and its exciting cause there's a not so detailed love-making scene.XD.The ending was really sad!Geez,reading it made my heart broke!T_T.Don't ask but read the book!Its so sad yet it makes you feel anticipated for the next book!

I love this song!XD.Warning,not for the faint-hearted!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

There was an earthquake?

I didn't even know there was one until I heard it on the radio!So obviously I didn't feel the tremor...I heard that KLCC was shaking during the earthquake and lotsa tall buildings were shaking and people were evacuating or maybe even calling their loved ones to see if they are all right.

I did feel the tremor a few years ago when I was still staying on the 24th floor in a condominium.I was playing GTA on the PS2 secretly in the middle of the night and I noticed the light was shaking around but that time I thought it was the fan blowing it or something,only discover it was an earthquake next day and my mum said her bed was shaking that night also.

Is the world really gonna end in 2012?That movie is really scaring people!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Vampire Novels-2=Blue Bloods series

I got my doubts when I got this book,cause the synopsis made it seem like its super cliche.But the cover has grabbed my attention!The black background is actually New York City,cool huh?
I like books with nice covers and catchy titles,it grabs my attention and then I'll read the synopsis.

Here's the synopsis for Blue Bloods!(credits to Melissa De La Cruz)
Schuyler Van Alen has never fit in at Duchesne,her prestigious New York City private school.She prefers baggy,vintage clothes to the Prada and pearls worn by her classmates.But when she turns fifteen,Schuyler's life changes dramatically.The death of a popular schoolmate haunts her in unexpected ways.And strangest of all,Jack Force,the most popular boy in school,is showing a sudden interest in her.

Once an outcast,Schuyler is thrust into Manhattan's most exclusive social circle.Its members are the powerful,the wealthy,and-as Schuyler soon discovers-the unhuman.They are Blue Bloods,an ancient group of vampires,and for centuries they've been invicible.Now something is preying on this elite group,and Schuyler wants to find out the truth.But is she the most vulnerable of them all?

First thing that came into my mind was is Schuyler a boy or a girl?It sounds like a boy.The synopsis sounds cliche right?But the more you read it,the more it grabs your attention!XD.

Here's the 2nd book in the series!I got the 2nd book cause it was a cliffhanger and I hate cliffhangers!It was getting to the juicy parts also!The cover looks really nice,beautiful mask!And if you noticed the black background this time,its actually Venice!I wanna go to Venice,one day and visit the art museums there with my soulmate or maybe find my soulmate there!*goes on daydreaming*.And in this book,they had a masquerade ball which is so cool!There's was some intense moments that happened during the ball also!But rarely hear any masquerade balls happening in little Malaysia...

3rd book!XD.I only got until the 3rd book only cause the 4th book has not arrived in our small little Malaysia.-_-.The black background for this book is Brazil if I'm not mistaken.That tattoo on the cover,is a mark for the devil a.k.a Lucifer's followers if I'm not mistaken.But that's just in the book,fiction so don't worry if you know anyone that has a star tattoo at the back of their necks!XD.Another cliffhanger!Dang,I need the fourth book!