Sunday, March 27, 2011

New happenings

I have been a terrible blogger and I know I have neglected you all so I shall apologize!I'm sorry for not updating as often and I have my reasons.

  1. Assignments and presentations are murdering me plus I have to blog in my 'serious' blog which is my 3rd assignment for my Issues in Publishing and Design subject.Even the title of that blog is so 'serious'.
  2. I have been getting sick lately that I don't even wanna touch anything technological except the television.I am still down with the flu,cough and fever.
  3. My life has become so uninteresting since my new semester has started and I have been nerding.
  4. The main point are the assignments and presentations.
So I will now reduce my posting on this blog to at least once a month until my next semester break on June and I will probably change my blog URL's name to something more current and more me.

By the way,I worked for my university's Open Day again on the 19th-20th March and for some reasons I rather help with the Career Talks than be a Student Ambassador aka Tour Guide.I am shocked to say that I love working for Open Day this early of the year because I get to make a lot of new friends and they are seriously so funny that you won't even have time to be sad.Horrible me only blogged about the events on March when March is gonna end soon.

From first top row:Ali,Mohsen,Elnaz(classmate),Rayelene,Zawar,and Mussa.
Middle row:Me,I forgotten her name,Eleena(classmate) and Nasir.
Bottom row:Cindy(classmate),I forgotten her name and Ikhwan.

Mohsen,Rayelene,Mussa,Nasir and Imad(sadly,didn't have a picture of him) are so funny that I was laughing  for 2 days in the row while working!At least I can get abs faster that way.XD

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I may seem outdated but today I finally tried the Cake Pops that is offered in the Starbucks Coffee Cafe in my university and they are having a promotion starting from 10th March that you can get 1 Cake Pop for free with every purchase of the Cocoa Cappuccino drink.

I rather spend RM11.80 for a Tall Cocoa Cappuccino Drink and get the Cake Pop for free than buying the Cake Pop on its own which cost RM6 which is not really worth it for a small ball of cake on a stick.

My Cocoa Cappuccino and Birthday Cake which is just vanilla cake covered with pink colored chocolate with small beads of icing sugar.I prefer this flavour than the Chocolate flavoured one cause its not too rich.

Jaclyn with her Chocolate Rock.Its just chocolate cake covered with chocolate with small bits of marshmallows and peanuts.

 This is to show you the texture of the cake which is moist.

 By the way,I finally found my old The Click Five album!Its when Eric Dill was still in the group and 'Catch Your Wave' was such a hit!XD.Their DNA and signature is still intact!YAY!XD

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why choose that name?

Since the parking situation in Taylor's University can be epic,I choose to reach college around 7.30a.m. everyday so that I can have a decent parking space in the basement but obviously reaching early has it cons too.For example,you'll be the only one there among your friends and the library is not open yet so you can't spam people's walls on Twitter or even use the giant screen Mac PC which I am currently using right now.I still can't reverse park my car cause I worry if I try doing it,I might knock into someone's car or block an oncoming car.I need someone to be in the car with me when I try to reverse park for the 1st time in months.

I'm suppose to read some readings for my Media Literacies course right now but I shall procrastinate by blogging instead of reading!I'll read those reading later or else I'll lose my blogging mood.

I don't think I have ever blog about why my bloglink is called velvettears13 so now I will tell you how on earth I got that name and why that number.

Its called velvettears13 because I had a liking to gothic things when I was in my early years in high school so I went to some gothic name generator website and the name Velvet Tears came out so I just took it from there and I think the name is pretty cool!I put the number 13 beside the name because its my favourite number though its known to be a bad luck number in many cultures but I still like this number and I think I was 13 when I started blogging.

Anyway,the title of my blog is Sweet Temptation because I love sweets and desserts that are sweet and they are very tempting and I just discovered a Victoria's Secret fragrance with that name and its smells awesome too but sadly it has been discontinued and so I can't buy it anymore.T_T.The sub-title of my blog is just a small quote from the movie 'Forrest Gump' which I think is really inspiring to me but maybe I'll change it since it has been there for years.

I'm still thinking of ideas of a new header for my blog and I have a pretty simple and no need to use photoshop way of doing one but hopefully it goes well and you can see it soon!Now I shall go meet Ayesha at Starbucks so ciao!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's the furthest you've ever traveled?

Around Europe with my mum.You can find the posts about our trip to Paris,Switzerland,Germany,Holland,Brussels,and lastly London.Forgive the dull and bored pictures of me cause I was an emo kid in the past.

Monday, March 7, 2011

6 hours of nothingness

I am such a horrible student for not paying attention in class cause I didn't know the 8a.m class was cancelled today and I drove all the way and waited to found out that the Social Psychology students are using the same classroom as my Media Literacies subject.Jaclyn and I went to the divisional office to complain but there was no one there.The people that is working there should get a pay cut for coming to work late!We waited for 30 minutes or more until someone finally came to work and changed our classes to another class and said they will inform the lecturer.

So we went to the class to wait and lecturer did not appear cause none of us knew that she has a meeting so she cancelled the class.Thanks to that I have a 6 hour break!I HATE THE PEOPLE WORKING IN TAYLOR'S DIVISIONAL OFFICE UNLESS ITS MY FRIENDS.I was having a mental debate to whether to drive home to nap or kill time here.My dislike to driving has made me stay and I wouldn't wanna give up my parking spot.So I basically killed time spamming my Twitter and other people's Twitter wall and almost borrowed a novel from the library cause I was that bored and was wondering around the library aimlessly.

I have 1hour 10minutes left to my next class at 3-5p.m.Seriously,this year's timetable is so screwed up and I don't know why they have to rely on a timetable generator this semester.They should use the money to build more parking lots instead.

I feel like getting more color contacts from the EOS line.Cause I am currently wearing Max Misty Blue and  my friends notice the color a lot so that's a good thing!I plan to either get the green one or grey.I think my eye power has reached 1000.Cause even astigmatism lens are not helping with my vision,its blurring my vision instead.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What are you most looking forward to right now?

A good night's sleep!No tossing and turning!

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

Roasted Duck Butt and there is a story behind this.

I was having dinner with my family in my grandparent's house and there was a plate of roasted duck so I randomly picked this piece of meat from the plate.I took 1 bite and it doesn't taste like normal duck meat so obviously I asked why does it taste so weird and my mum gladly said,'Oh,its the duck's butt!Its your grandpa's favourite part of the duck!'.I never ate anymore animal butts after that.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Late gifts are better than no gifts.

If you're being materialistic but to me its the thought of my friends who sacrifice their time and their cash in their purses just to get me gifts,that matter.It shows that they do care and remember about you though you haven't seen each other in months.

I forgotten to post this up in the Lolita Tea Party Post.Aiko gave all of girls who attended the tea party this small gift which is a Hello Kitty sweet and a small crochet flower which she has made herself.I will go and learn how to crochet during my next break which is in June.

It was raining so the picture looks dark and it was taken using Pinky(my phone).Jaclyn gave me the camera necklace and Ayesha gave me a pair of earrings and a silver bangle which was inside that super cute elephant bag that could be my new pencil case or make-up bag!XD

Luckily the bangle was not really lose so I can wear it to 'unplain(TM)' a plain outfit.Ayesha said the earrings reminds her of me...-_-lll.I find it really hard to make decisions in almost everything.

What fear would you most like to conquer?

Fear of any sports that has balls.
I'm curious about

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lolita Tea Party at Levain(26th February 2011)~

My first lolita gathering for 2011 and it was a tea party held at this bakery/cafe called Levain.It started at 3p.m.-6p.m.There was no theme for this tea party so we can come in any style of lolita that we want.

No teatime is complete without...MACARONS BABY!!!XD

From the top left:Fraise(Strawberry),Cassis(Blackcurrant),Macha(Green Tea),Triple Chocolate,Hazelnut Praline(IT IS THE BEST!!!XD),and the pink one in the middle is Framboise(Raspberry).

They seated us at the upper floor since there was 13 of us.Sadly,the tables are like my college tables when I was in UTAR.But the decor looks nice!

Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake and I forgotten what the other cake is called because those are not my cakes.I didn't even order cakes cause I was full.

Not mine also but its an adorable bun that looks like those dust things in Spirited Away or was it Totoro?

These are my share.I got the Hazelnut Praline(OMG IT WAS SO GOOD!) and Fraise aka Strawberry flavoured which just tasted alright.It cost RM3 per macaron if you order more than 10 pieces of macaron so us girls shared.

Candid shots!

After everyone ate their snacks,we played some games to let us get to know each other more and also Bingo!Lolita style!XD.Sadly,I didn't get any...

This game ask us to draw or write our current obsession and we have to share it to the other girls.Clearly,you can see mine~XD.

Group photo!From the top left:Akiko,Michi,Aiko(vice president of Malaysian Lolita Club and organiser of this outing),Miss Hermes,Azu,& Ginger.Bottom left:Nana,Donna,Me,Akiyo and Yumi.

My coordination for the tea party!Sereni & Shentel's Kuching hairband-RM130,Dear Celine's Mary Magdalene inspired one-piece dress,Bodyline white socks with lace,Antaina's white mary janes.

Me and Miss Hermes.

Me and Akiko.She works in a maid cafe!How cool is that?

Azu and I.It was her first lolita outing and she was dressed as a casual lolita.

Me and Ginger.She's really tall.XD

Michi in the back,Donna and I.Donna is a doll collector check out her blog here.

Nana and I.She's so cute!Also a PS3 gamer like me.

She has the tendency to cover her face to hide her fats which I think is so not necessary!She has adorable dimples!

Akiyo is so kind to borrow me her petticoat or else my dress would never be able to puff up.

Yumi is studying make-up now and I wanna get a pair of rocking shoes like hers!!!

Me and Aiko!She's really domesticated cause she bakes,cooks,sews,knits,and crochets.

Michi and me.I love her Angelic Pretty Jumperskirt!Its really beautiful and the detail is so nice!She studies at Taylor's too,in the Tourism Management Diploma course.

Though it was awkward at first but this outing was nice and we talk to each other more as time passes.The macarons at Levain is awesome!Next time I'll try the food there.