Sunday, July 26, 2009

Personal tutor?

I need a personal tutor to tutor me for Accountings A.S.A.P!Don't worry I will pay you!XD

Been pretty emotional lately not because of PMS,maybe cause of stress from exams and assignments so my method of de-stressing is playing with my doggies or listening to music!Sorry if I yelled at some of you guys,it was not on purpose... width="425" height="344">

Friday, July 17, 2009


Is Vidoll's new single title!XD.LALALA~~~

Its awesome!Me love it!XD.JUI looks awesome in his new hairstyle!Diru has an awesome tattoo across his chest!XD

Fan girl moment activated!XD

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


During the first Harry Potter movie!So cute!XD

Real name:Tom Felton
Currently in a relationship with Jade Olivia.T_T

Althought people say his face is ugly but I think its HOT!Look at his blue eyes!DANG,ITS SEXY!XD*melts*

He's one of the blue-eyed actors that I love!Next I'm gonna fangirl about Cillian Murphy!XD

I am definitely watching the upcoming Harry Potter movie!Got more Draco scenes!AHH~~~!!!XD.Who's joining me???XD

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm coughing like there's no tomorrow

No,I don't have AH1N1!!!Why does everyone keeps saying that I have it?!

I am having dry cough and that is all,no sneezing,no puking,no diarrhea!If those do happen to me I would be quarantined at home already!

And thanks to uni,I have been missing out in my favourite korean shows on KBS world!T_T.At least I didn't miss Super Junior's performance for 'Its You/Neorago'!!!I love this song so much!XD.And also SHINEE's live performance for their new single 'Juliette'!XD