Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lolita Tea Party at Levain(26th February 2011)~

My first lolita gathering for 2011 and it was a tea party held at this bakery/cafe called Levain.It started at 3p.m.-6p.m.There was no theme for this tea party so we can come in any style of lolita that we want.

No teatime is complete without...MACARONS BABY!!!XD

From the top left:Fraise(Strawberry),Cassis(Blackcurrant),Macha(Green Tea),Triple Chocolate,Hazelnut Praline(IT IS THE BEST!!!XD),and the pink one in the middle is Framboise(Raspberry).

They seated us at the upper floor since there was 13 of us.Sadly,the tables are like my college tables when I was in UTAR.But the decor looks nice!

Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake and I forgotten what the other cake is called because those are not my cakes.I didn't even order cakes cause I was full.

Not mine also but its an adorable bun that looks like those dust things in Spirited Away or was it Totoro?

These are my share.I got the Hazelnut Praline(OMG IT WAS SO GOOD!) and Fraise aka Strawberry flavoured which just tasted alright.It cost RM3 per macaron if you order more than 10 pieces of macaron so us girls shared.

Candid shots!

After everyone ate their snacks,we played some games to let us get to know each other more and also Bingo!Lolita style!XD.Sadly,I didn't get any...

This game ask us to draw or write our current obsession and we have to share it to the other girls.Clearly,you can see mine~XD.

Group photo!From the top left:Akiko,Michi,Aiko(vice president of Malaysian Lolita Club and organiser of this outing),Miss Hermes,Azu,& Ginger.Bottom left:Nana,Donna,Me,Akiyo and Yumi.

My coordination for the tea party!Sereni & Shentel's Kuching hairband-RM130,Dear Celine's Mary Magdalene inspired one-piece dress,Bodyline white socks with lace,Antaina's white mary janes.

Me and Miss Hermes.

Me and Akiko.She works in a maid cafe!How cool is that?

Azu and I.It was her first lolita outing and she was dressed as a casual lolita.

Me and Ginger.She's really tall.XD

Michi in the back,Donna and I.Donna is a doll collector check out her blog here.

Nana and I.She's so cute!Also a PS3 gamer like me.

She has the tendency to cover her face to hide her fats which I think is so not necessary!She has adorable dimples!

Akiyo is so kind to borrow me her petticoat or else my dress would never be able to puff up.

Yumi is studying make-up now and I wanna get a pair of rocking shoes like hers!!!

Me and Aiko!She's really domesticated cause she bakes,cooks,sews,knits,and crochets.

Michi and me.I love her Angelic Pretty Jumperskirt!Its really beautiful and the detail is so nice!She studies at Taylor's too,in the Tourism Management Diploma course.

Though it was awkward at first but this outing was nice and we talk to each other more as time passes.The macarons at Levain is awesome!Next time I'll try the food there.


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

those macaroons look yummy. x

p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a necklace from Pie N The Sky if you'd like to check it out. :) x

EGS said...

nice chocolates you have! you look pretty amazing too :0)

Anonymous said...

hi there!

thank you for saying hello! if you like to order from us,you can do it. Most of Dr martens were belong to customers that ordered earlier. thats why you see as 'sold'.

you need to order from us. anyway,you take care yourself ;0)

Nana said...

HAHA ACCESS FATS.. -__- hahaha..
nice post.. am waiting for pics from parry.. xD

あきこ said...

OH WOW! here you are~~~ i cannot believe you did not reveal that you were a bookworm! XD (i felt so nerdy being the only one hyping over books at the introduction activity, haha~)

after the lolita outing, it stung me really hard that i have to live without a camera (since i lost my cam-phone). so when i managed to find cute digicam recently, i think i have always liked lomography. i hopt to learn some from you~ ^____^