Friday, July 30, 2010


OMG,I CAN SEE TOKIO HOTEL IN THE FLESH AGAIN!!!XD.I can't wait to see Tom with his sexy smile again!Last time I was a table away from touching him,this time I hope I can touch him!Cause I got AFTER PARTY PASSES!!!WOOT!!!XD.But I gotta thank my dad for that,he bought a new phone which is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini on the spot during the MTV World Stage 2010 Roadshow in Sunway Pyramid.By buying the phone,he got 2 concert passes and 2 after party passes!X3

I went for the roadshow for 2 days and the only thing I got is the bluetooth device for phones...-_-lll.I gave that to my dad in exchange for the phone.I seriously hate MTV for making it so hard to win tickets!I even made a poster(will put up pictures later!) and brought my octopus,bunny ears,cat ears and lolita headband!And I learned that I shouldn't lend my stuff to people to win tickets anymore,'kanasai people' win tickets also didn't even bother to give one to me after lending my stuff to them.They won't even win without my stuff!I hope KARMA hunts them down!

But enough about my rage,I can't wait to see THE FAMOUS KATY PERRY TOO!I wonder what's she gonna wear on stage...I heard she's gonna be at the Hilton Hotel,Kuala Lumpur today to meet up with the Pagi Show Crew!I hope its true then you can all go stalk her!XD

Finally Wonder Girls are coming!But I think it will have more impact if MTV invited Girl's Generation instead.I can guarantee you that 3/4 of the audience will be dudes!XD

I wished they brought more artist this year such as Muse,30 Seconds To Mars(Why go Singapore?!),Taylor Swift,LADY GAGA(most probably will get run away like Beyonce and Rihanna thanks to those protestors.-_-lll),JET,Bon Jovi,Madonna,Kylie Minogue,Avril Lavigne,BFW(they will probably get banned.),and brain jammed so actually there's more but I can't recall.BUT PLEASE DO NOT BRING IN JUSTIN BIEBER OR MILEY CYRUS!!!I WILL SERIOUSLY PROTEST IF THAT HAPPENS!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vote for me!

You can still vote for me for the Salabianca-Revolutionize Your Fashion Style!The voting session will end in 31st July!

First join this page!

Second go to this link and click 'Like' on my picture!Easy Breezy!XD.

And I will give out a prize from the goodie bag if I win,randomly to one of my readers to show my appreciation for voting for me,so to win it just comment in this post or this post !I will be waiting~XD

3rd roll of film!(Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Color 100)

I am disappointed with this film cause I clearly remembered taking most of my pictures in daylight and still only 15/36 shots came out!!!T_T...Stupid film!.Not even 1 bunny picture turned out!Or my makan pictures!

Ding Ding in action!XD
Find the butterfly!!!XD

BIG Light leaks!Took this from my room window!XD

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Salabianca VOTE FOR ME!

Hey,my dear readers!I would really appreciate it if you take some time from your dota sessions,facebook-ing and shopping moments to read this!

Salabianca has already released the pictures from the photoshoot last week!And the top 20 winners with highest votes will get a goodie bag worth RM30,000!!!0_0

So can you all sweet and beautiful people,give me your votes?:-)

Just go to Salabianca's fanpage and be a fan.And click 'Like' at my picture to vote for me!XD.Click on the picture to be directed to the page!

And I just noticed I'm the only one out of all the people there that is wearing that top...0_0.Then it will be easier for you to find me then!XD.

I forgot to tell you that there was an accident when I went to change into that shirt,the first one they gave me to change into,most the buttons came out cause of the loose threads then they gave me a smaller size one and this time they button it for me!XD.I wasn't even using any strength to button it also!Don't know why such a branded shirt like that can break so easily.

Oh and you guys could vote for my mum and my friends too!XD
My mum!She didn't like her hair cause she looks like Farah Fawcett...-_-lll

Samantha!She looks really awesome here!I really like her picture!XD.Check out her blog too!


Despicable Me!Review

picture credit to

Just watched it today with the usual peeps,Xin Ni,Chee Keen and Kai Jun!Me LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!!!IT IS UNBELIEVABLY CUTE!!!XD.I LOVE THE SOYA BEANS!XD.Ok,I think Gru's minions look like soya beans so sue me!XP.Even though the beans don't speak english,their actions are very understandable just like wall-e!XD.Kids will love this movie!XD

Its obvious the most famous line from this movie is 'Oh my god,its so fluffy,I can die!!!' by the adorable Agnes!XD.

They have many famous actors and actresses voicing for this movie!Steve Carrell,Russell Brand,Miranda Cosgrove,Jason Segel and many more!XD

I give this movie a 8/10!XD

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You are beautiful

No matter what they say,cause words can't bring you down~~~

Awesome by the awesome possum,Christina Aguilera!I remember when Fei Sin,Chloe,Feh Fan and Wai Kit went to karaoke a few weeks ago,me and Chloe and Feh Fan was singing to this song and there was 2 guys making out in the video and they zoomed in to their lips and Fei Sin screaming,cause it was too disgusting for her!XD

And I forgotten to post up our jumping pictures after the karaoke thing!XD.All pictures taken with Fei Sin's camera and by Wai Kit,Feh Fan and Fei Sin!XD
Feh Fan,Chloe and Wai Kit with the cool pose.
The jumping shots starts here!XD.Hahaha,Fei Sin's face is hilarious!XD

Feh Fan looks funny also!!!XD
We were trying to jump into a meditating pose,Feh Fan fails!XP
And lastly with something decent!^_^

Eclipse not so nice

Watched this movie at GSC in IOI mall,after the Salabianca photo shoot last Saturday with Chloe,Ivan,Weng Cheok and Jun Hin.To be honest,I didn't really like it much except for the hot guys that appeared on the screen(Taylor's body,Kellan Lutz and the new vampire dude working for Victoria)!XD.Jun Hin was making fun of the entire movie also,calling someone gay.A lot of kissing scenes which was censored as usual for every single American movie that reaches Malaysian cinemas.But don't know why this movie got a lot of kissing scene...its quite disgusting to me,cause I am not a Robert Pattinson fan!*runs from crazy fangirls*.Not a Taylor fan either!*runs away from another group of crazy fangirls*.I just like Taylor's body.XP

The fight scenes are good!With all the CGI effects and all.The werewolves are adorable,I want one too!XD.

I would give this movie a 6/10.

Picture credits to google for making it so big until cannot fit into my post!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Salabianca's Revolutionize Your Fashion Style

I went to this event with Chloe yesterday and apparently my mum got dragged to join this photo shoot also...-_-lll.At first she said,she just wanna get the free bracelet then later she changed her mind and joined in for the make-up and hair and photo shoot also.-_-lll.Sadly I didn't get much pictures on this event cause my camera went on a camping trip with my sisters...more of a reason for me to get another camera!XD

My no make-up face signing up before going for the make-up,hair session.
Before the photoshoot...they put the hat on me so that I will have the masculine look,for those who know me,knows that I am way far away to be called masculine.
-all pictures credit to Salabianca.

There's still time for you ladies who are interested to go!3 more hours to fly down to Pavillion cause its until 7p.m!XD.They are gonna pick 20 girls only for the finals and you must ask all your family and friends to vote for you in order for you to win the grand prize!But I don't think I will have a chance to win cause I didn't smile to the camera at all,cause I was going for the cool look!XP.Oh well,it was fun getting your hair and make-up done by professionals!XD.I don't know how I would react if my mum manage to get into the top 20...0_0

Oh,I saw my face in an article again for Materiel over here!Thanks Yvonne for telling me about it!XD


Whenever I feel down or bored or depressed,I will go to this website called FMyLife!Seriously,reading those stories can really cheer you up cause you know there are other people who had it worst than you!XD.I know seem like a bad person but some of the stories there are hilarious!!!EPIC!!!SHOCKING!!!RIDICULOUS!!!And some are just sad...

picture credit to are the top ones!XD

Even my family think I'm weird for laughing at myself while looking at my laptop screen but can't help it some are just so FUNNY!!!XD

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Karaoke with the bunny

Yesterday,got up at 5a.m and reached Fei Sin's house at 7.30a.m. then went to her college at 8.00a.m and I still can't believe that her college looks like a tuition centre and its maintained very badly!But thats what you get when the director is stingy and wants to save as much cost as possible and the fees are cheap too.Every student there spoke in chinese so if you ever throw me there for at least a month,my chinese would probably get better!XD

She has been staying around her college for years already and also made lotsa babies too!She is such a poised lady,just look at how she sits!XD
I think this is her current bf.

So we waited till all of Fei Sin's friends reached the college then we went to Petaling Street to meet up with the Photography Club teacher.I am not a student there but I went anyway!XD.Though I didn't understand whatever the teacher said and no one there was kind enough to help me translate so I just went with the only thing I understood,take a picture of 2 things that are opposite with each other.Just so you know,only 3 people are using digital camera including Fei Sin and I while the others are geared with their Canons and Nikon DSLR's.-_-lll.I felt lousy cause I only had my lomo camera and digital one.But screw it!I am a proud lomographer!!!XD

Old and new buildings

But the auntie who owned him was extremely annoying,she kept talking and talking and talking about her dog until we all left...-_-lll

Was trying to capture a picture of the spiderwebs.
Live and Death of Chickens.

After that Fei Sin's friend dropped us off at Times Square and we meet up with Feh Fan,Wai Kit at Green Box in Sungei Wang Plaza for KARAOKE!!!Miss Bunny aka Chloe was late cause she got con by some people who asked to try out their lucky draw on the way to Sungei Wang.They made her take a cab all the way to Taman Desa to go to their 'headquarters' which looked very fishy according to Chloe and they asked her whether she has an ATM card but Chloe said she didn't have one then she left.ITS SUPER OBVIOUS THAT THEY WANNA CON HER CASH CAUSE THEY ASKED ABOUT ATM CARDS!!!Must always be super careful with all these street lucky draw crap!