Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eclipse not so nice

Watched this movie at GSC in IOI mall,after the Salabianca photo shoot last Saturday with Chloe,Ivan,Weng Cheok and Jun Hin.To be honest,I didn't really like it much except for the hot guys that appeared on the screen(Taylor's body,Kellan Lutz and the new vampire dude working for Victoria)!XD.Jun Hin was making fun of the entire movie also,calling someone gay.A lot of kissing scenes which was censored as usual for every single American movie that reaches Malaysian cinemas.But don't know why this movie got a lot of kissing scene...its quite disgusting to me,cause I am not a Robert Pattinson fan!*runs from crazy fangirls*.Not a Taylor fan either!*runs away from another group of crazy fangirls*.I just like Taylor's body.XP

The fight scenes are good!With all the CGI effects and all.The werewolves are adorable,I want one too!XD.

I would give this movie a 6/10.

Picture credits to google for making it so big until cannot fit into my post!

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