Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Karaoke with the bunny

Yesterday,got up at 5a.m and reached Fei Sin's house at 7.30a.m. then went to her college at 8.00a.m and I still can't believe that her college looks like a tuition centre and its maintained very badly!But thats what you get when the director is stingy and wants to save as much cost as possible and the fees are cheap too.Every student there spoke in chinese so if you ever throw me there for at least a month,my chinese would probably get better!XD

She has been staying around her college for years already and also made lotsa babies too!She is such a poised lady,just look at how she sits!XD
I think this is her current bf.

So we waited till all of Fei Sin's friends reached the college then we went to Petaling Street to meet up with the Photography Club teacher.I am not a student there but I went anyway!XD.Though I didn't understand whatever the teacher said and no one there was kind enough to help me translate so I just went with the only thing I understood,take a picture of 2 things that are opposite with each other.Just so you know,only 3 people are using digital camera including Fei Sin and I while the others are geared with their Canons and Nikon DSLR's.-_-lll.I felt lousy cause I only had my lomo camera and digital one.But screw it!I am a proud lomographer!!!XD

Old and new buildings

But the auntie who owned him was extremely annoying,she kept talking and talking and talking about her dog until we all left...-_-lll

Was trying to capture a picture of the spiderwebs.
Live and Death of Chickens.

After that Fei Sin's friend dropped us off at Times Square and we meet up with Feh Fan,Wai Kit at Green Box in Sungei Wang Plaza for KARAOKE!!!Miss Bunny aka Chloe was late cause she got con by some people who asked to try out their lucky draw on the way to Sungei Wang.They made her take a cab all the way to Taman Desa to go to their 'headquarters' which looked very fishy according to Chloe and they asked her whether she has an ATM card but Chloe said she didn't have one then she left.ITS SUPER OBVIOUS THAT THEY WANNA CON HER CASH CAUSE THEY ASKED ABOUT ATM CARDS!!!Must always be super careful with all these street lucky draw crap!

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