Thursday, July 15, 2010

Despicable Me!Review

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Just watched it today with the usual peeps,Xin Ni,Chee Keen and Kai Jun!Me LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!!!IT IS UNBELIEVABLY CUTE!!!XD.I LOVE THE SOYA BEANS!XD.Ok,I think Gru's minions look like soya beans so sue me!XP.Even though the beans don't speak english,their actions are very understandable just like wall-e!XD.Kids will love this movie!XD

Its obvious the most famous line from this movie is 'Oh my god,its so fluffy,I can die!!!' by the adorable Agnes!XD.

They have many famous actors and actresses voicing for this movie!Steve Carrell,Russell Brand,Miranda Cosgrove,Jason Segel and many more!XD

I give this movie a 8/10!XD

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