Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MY LIP STUFF & Scallop Shorts

I got these 2 recently from blogshops again!XD.I seriously must control my spending!But back to business!Review time!

is actually a brand from the USA,which sells lip balms handmade from natural ingredients!You can check the ingredients at the label,doesn't have those bombastic chemical names like other lip balms.I like it that it is not tested on animals and it is eco-friendly too!So I ordered the Mystery Pack of 2,since I don't know which flavour to choose from also and just to try it out since there has been lotsa reviews on it on the blogshop i got it from.
Its packed in bubble wrap so that it doesn't get damaged on the way which is good!
So I got Peppermint Chocolate & Key Lime Pie(One of the bestsellers!).
Doesn't have any color in it.I started using the Peppermint Chocolate flavour first and it seriously smelled like those mint chocolates that I used to eat like the After Eight chocolates!Its very glossy too so even 1 layer of it is enough and you won't need lip gloss.It has a bit of a cooling affect cause of the mint.It does have the typical lip balm taste though.I usually use my Bodyshop lip butter before I go to sleep but after using this one,I am sticking with it!XD.Its long lasting and my lips will be soft and won't peel(though sometimes it does) when I wake up in the morning.

I will write another review for the Key Lime Pie flavour once I am done with the chocolate one!I plan to get one for my friend too!XD

Now to the scallop shorts that I ordered from DailyBoutique.I have been looking for it for quite a while and when I finally got it,I was a little dissappointed.When I wore it,it made my butt very baggy,saggy and shapeless.Maybe cause I don't have a nice booty like Kim Kardashian.Not enough meat at my butt.So I am selling this pair of shorts for RM37 excluding postage,I have only worn it for trying purposes!Anyone interested(only for Malaysian residents) please drop me a comment!I recommend this short for girls with a nice and full butt!
It is a navy coloured scallop shorts!

eSmoked back so that everyone can fit in it!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

10km Marathon 2010

Ok I didn't managed to finish the race in 1 1/2 hour...but I managed to finish it in 1h 58m!XD.I walked most of the way with Ivan and he has gotten a phobia for the portable toilets they provided on the way!XP.Bumped into a few familiar faces too!Got the finishing medal and this time the medal seems to be more special!

Last year's finishing medal with this year's finishing medal!
This is the back i guess.The Standard Chartered logo is more emphasized this year for the medal!XD
Chrono tag must be this way so that it can record your time!

After the run,went to Pavillion to have breakfast and to finally redeem my prize from materiel!I picked the blue shirt and the rest is picked by my family.Anyway,this shirt is unisex, a dude can pull it off if he has the muscles!XD.Even my dad could wear it,but we all don't wanna see his slightly protruding belly.

The print on the shirts are really adorable!XD.The material is quite thin and light so it is suitable for the Malaysian weather!

Standard Chartered Marathon 2010

I am suppose to get some sleep now but I wanna write a pre-marathon entry before it!!!XD

The marathon is sponsored by New Balance this year!
Eventhough the size is S for females but its still huge...-_-lll
This is the back of the shirt!

The shirt was from this bag that is given to each person that is participating in the marathon.
My number so all you can go buy lottery tickets later!XD
Some detector thing.
The instructions on how to use it.I will post a picture on how it will look like later!

I will be participating the 10km run!Hopefully I will reach the finish line in less than 1 1/2 hour!XD.For more details on the marathon,go here!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear John,She's Outta My League,When In Rome,Toys Story 3

credit to newmovierelease
I watched Dear John like finally!But as usual whenever they make movies outta books its not really nice and they make improvisations!They did follow the books quite thoroughly,cause I read the book before the movie!The romantic moments are spot on!XD.Amanda Seyfried is the perfect actress for that character!With the gap in between the teeth and all!XD

I give it a...7/10!

credit to iwatchstuff.com
This movie is really funny!!!XD.It shows that love has no boundaries and all a girl wants is a guy that will accept her for who she is and be honest.The irony in this film is true in so many ways.For some reason,the actress,Alice Eve reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith.

It gets a 8/10!

credit to inhearitplay
This movie has some scenes where there is no logic at all!But it has comedy!XP.I like Kirsten Bell!XD

It get a 7/10!

credit to trailertracker
Watched this movie with Xin Ni,Chee Keen and Kai Jun on Monday in 3D!So as always for Pixar movies,they will show a short movie before they show the one we are looking forward to.They showed a short movie called 'Day and Night' if I'm not mistaken,and it is not as nice as the short movie with the Magician and the rabbit.I really enjoyed Toy Story 3,though you can't really see the 3D effects so best is to watch the 2D version to save money.OMG,I SPOTTED TOTORO IN THE MOVIE AND ITS SO CUTE!!!X3.Xin Ni and I screamed at the part where they zoomed in on the Monkey with the cymbals was screaming and fighting with Woody and Slingy(The dog).DAMN SCARY OK!They drew the monkey's eyes to be so scary!T_T

The scariest toy is this one!Scary Baby Doll!T_T.So scary until I don't even wanna put the picture in my blog!

credit to totalfilm.com
I LOVE REX!XD.So bubbly even when its not the time to be bubbly!XD

This movie gets a 9/10!XD

Time to catch up!

I am so sorry for neglecting you,my dear blog~~~

I have been slacking around the house,watching some DVDs and just eating to my heart's content.I tried to get the tickets for MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia through the website for the 3rd time and I already feel like giving up!YES!MTV WORLD STAGE LIVE IN MALAYSIA FOR THE SECOND TIME!But this time only 4 artist are performing such as

Bunkface!Our very own local rock band!XD.
credits to mizkadiah

Tokio Hotel!!!XD.They are coming back!OMG!TOM TOM!!!XD
credits to mtv.com

Katy Perry!XD.Though I wonder what is she gonna wear when she's performing?
credits to celebrity-mania.com

And lastly,WONDER GIRLS!XD.First time an Asian artist is featured in MTV World Stage Live!I can imagine myself singing together with them already!We have 2 different tears,After all these years~~~.I don't know why of all the girls in China,they have to choose her?!China girl at the far right bottom row.Her voice is not really good also and she is not as pretty as the girl she replaced!
credits to luvkorean

The line up of artist this year is just ok,if you exclude Tokio Hotel.I prefer last year's line up!Where they have Hoobastank,Boys Like Girls,The All-American Rejects,Pixie Lott and etc.Hopefully MTV will bring in maybe Muse,JET(Oh please bring in JET!),Lady Gaga(I doubt she will make it pass the crazy group that always say the artist too sexy and blah blah,look what happened to Beyonce's and Rihanna's concert.),and hopefully not Justin Bieber or else I will throw a B.F!

I am go gonna attempt to get the tickets the 4th time now,just waiting for the time to pass~

If I get sick of waiting for Junior and Bee then I will just go to the roadshow to win the tickets like last year,much easier,saves time and just requires you to head bang and act psycho!XD

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2nd Roll of Film is back!XD(Kodak Ultramax 400)

I have lost my mood to blog lately,until recently when I got back my 2nd roll of film from the photoshop!Thank you,Wesley for helping me!XD.

The film I used this time is the Kodak Ultramax 400 that cost me RM10.I only managed to get 23/36 shots.That's way worst than my first film!T_T

These are the ones that I like!XD
I wonder what was Sherly talking about that day~
Samantha and I!XD.I was trying to see if I can camwhore with Blakhol,looks like it works!XD
Genting Highlands seeing double~XD
I don't know how on earth I could get half a picture but its nice!XD
Seeing double here too~Kanasai,Hon Yuen is not smiling.Taken by Xin Ni!XD
Sunrise at Broga Hill.

The sun was shining brightly on us!XD
Chee Keen took this picture!
Wilson showing us that he supports world peace!XP

The ones that is not so nice.
Looks like the light in Nandos is too dark until I can't see their faces.
Stupid Nandos!Or else this can be a nice picture of me and Xin Ni!
Oh look GSC!

At least I can see more stuff in this film.I wonder why the viewfinder is a bit cacat.Again a lot of pictures are outta focus.

I plan to expand my lomo family!So I have been asking my friends to give me opinions on which camera to be my new baby and I have narrow it down to the

(credits to lomography.com)Colorsplash Camera,
(credits to theclickshop)Lomo Smena 8M,
(credits to aclassblog)or the Fuji Instax 210.

So which one?@_@