Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back and Featured!

I'm back from the Highlands!Well,actually was back yesterday but only got the energy to blog today!XD

I was featured in Tongue In Chic's article about Materiel/La Base to Phase Launch I have been waiting for this article to appear in Tongue In Chic ever since the event has past.Everyday I go to Tongue In Chic and hunt for it and finally it is up!XD
Samantha looks nice right?XD
The friendliest model to me that is cause he's willing to let people take pictures of him and with him!XD.Go to Samantha's blog and you can see a 'couple' picture she took with him.You can see my red beret in the background also!XD

Will blog about my Genting Highlands trip with HTF soon~^.^

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