Sunday, June 27, 2010

10km Marathon 2010

Ok I didn't managed to finish the race in 1 1/2 hour...but I managed to finish it in 1h 58m!XD.I walked most of the way with Ivan and he has gotten a phobia for the portable toilets they provided on the way!XP.Bumped into a few familiar faces too!Got the finishing medal and this time the medal seems to be more special!

Last year's finishing medal with this year's finishing medal!
This is the back i guess.The Standard Chartered logo is more emphasized this year for the medal!XD
Chrono tag must be this way so that it can record your time!

After the run,went to Pavillion to have breakfast and to finally redeem my prize from materiel!I picked the blue shirt and the rest is picked by my family.Anyway,this shirt is unisex, a dude can pull it off if he has the muscles!XD.Even my dad could wear it,but we all don't wanna see his slightly protruding belly.

The print on the shirts are really adorable!XD.The material is quite thin and light so it is suitable for the Malaysian weather!

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