Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MY LIP STUFF & Scallop Shorts

I got these 2 recently from blogshops again!XD.I seriously must control my spending!But back to business!Review time!

is actually a brand from the USA,which sells lip balms handmade from natural ingredients!You can check the ingredients at the label,doesn't have those bombastic chemical names like other lip balms.I like it that it is not tested on animals and it is eco-friendly too!So I ordered the Mystery Pack of 2,since I don't know which flavour to choose from also and just to try it out since there has been lotsa reviews on it on the blogshop i got it from.
Its packed in bubble wrap so that it doesn't get damaged on the way which is good!
So I got Peppermint Chocolate & Key Lime Pie(One of the bestsellers!).
Doesn't have any color in it.I started using the Peppermint Chocolate flavour first and it seriously smelled like those mint chocolates that I used to eat like the After Eight chocolates!Its very glossy too so even 1 layer of it is enough and you won't need lip gloss.It has a bit of a cooling affect cause of the mint.It does have the typical lip balm taste though.I usually use my Bodyshop lip butter before I go to sleep but after using this one,I am sticking with it!XD.Its long lasting and my lips will be soft and won't peel(though sometimes it does) when I wake up in the morning.

I will write another review for the Key Lime Pie flavour once I am done with the chocolate one!I plan to get one for my friend too!XD

Now to the scallop shorts that I ordered from DailyBoutique.I have been looking for it for quite a while and when I finally got it,I was a little dissappointed.When I wore it,it made my butt very baggy,saggy and shapeless.Maybe cause I don't have a nice booty like Kim Kardashian.Not enough meat at my butt.So I am selling this pair of shorts for RM37 excluding postage,I have only worn it for trying purposes!Anyone interested(only for Malaysian residents) please drop me a comment!I recommend this short for girls with a nice and full butt!
It is a navy coloured scallop shorts!

eSmoked back so that everyone can fit in it!

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