Sunday, April 11, 2010

Renaissance Hotel Dinner Buffet SUCKS!

In my opinion cause they have very little selection of food if you wanna compare to Shangri La Hotel's Lemon Cafe Buffet!It costs RM89 per head but we got a 50% discount voucher for joining membership with Renaissance Hotel.Now I even feel regret for my dad for joining!

Don't even have Chocolate Fountain!So lousy!Sushi sucks!Cacatness!But the desserts are nice!They have macaroons!XD

The pictures are taken with my 2.0 megapixel cacated phone.Bare with its blurrness!

Salmon Pasta and you can add as much cheese as you want!Sadly,the food was not warm.
Oysters cooked in Boston-style.Baked with cheese in conclusion.
Some sausages glazed with honey.
Salmon stuffed with spinach and i forgot what else.The name is too long.The salmon was very dry,so I don't like it.
Name too long until I forgot already.I liked the butter sauce but the fish is not so good also.
XD.This was the best thing there I guess!

I put sweet Thai chilli sauce in this scallop!
Tomato Salsa in this one!Actually there's one more scallop but I have forgotten to take the picture.


Chocolate bits,Apple tart(not nice!),big Strawberry macaroon!
Orange Macaroons,Purple one(nameless),chocolate walnut brownie,forgotten the name of the square thing but it tasted like coconuts.
Chocolates!Green tea,milk,dark and all of it has nuts inside!
I like Jambu!XD.
Cream caramel in Mapel Syrup with strawberry bits.It tasted ok.
Fruit tart(the crust was super soft that one touch can make it crumble to pieces),strawberry covered in chocolate(tasteless strawberry).

It has a Caeser Salad section but not a fan of salads so didn't touch that section.They have fresh waffles,ice-cream(vanilla & green tea only!),bread and a few selections of cheese and has fresh oysters too but the size is smaller than Shangri La's oysters.Not all the food are warm so I give the buffet a 5/10.They really need to add more varieties food and hot food!

Don't wanna go back there to makan anymore cause its not worth it!They charge us RM14 for 2 hours of parking!Kanasai-ness!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

mr. pineapple man said...

awww...I'm full too!

Haupi said...

Yike. Your pictures have my mouth watering, but you were there and had to eat it so I trust it was as bad as you say. Anyway, I'm just surfing through blogs this evening and came across yours. Pretty neat. Maybe you'll visit mine and follow me? I'll follow you if you do. I don't have that many followers either, but I talk about aliens, as in Anyway nice blog. -Haupi