Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taman Pertanian(16/4/2010)

taken by Wilson Lee.

Taman Pertanian with direct translation to English its will be called Garden Farming,so let's just call it Farming Garden,since it sounds nicer!XD

It was sort of our last trip together before we go our separate ways,some will still be in UTAR while are going to different colleges and one is going to Sheep-a-go-go Land(aka New Zealand).We all carpooled in Hon Yuen's Toyota Unser,and poor dude was having a headache the whole time and he still can cycle with us!You're good,man!XD

Thankfully the weather that day was just nice!Not too hot or maybe because we were surrounded by greenery!My eyes definitely got a nice spa on that day cause when you're in a city,you rarely stare at trees or grass!XD

Usually when everyone goes there,they will pick the cycling option but since I don't know how to cycle(yeah,start with the "Are you kidding me?!" crap.),I picked the walking option instead while the others when with the cycling option.I think I was slowing everyone down that day but you can't blame me,I don't have long legs!XD.

Lucas giving us the look while putting on sunblock!

Xin Ni(in green) and I showing a love sign,she's the one that's going to Sheep-a-go-go Land!Hon Yuen,our driver for the day is in red and the one having headache!
Chee Keen the Shah Alam boy!He has super skinny legs like sticks!
I don't know what they were doing in the toilet and I was not the one who took this picture,it was Wilson.I am not that curious to go into the men's toilet.
This way to the entrance!
Walking in...
Group shot!But no Wilson cause he's taking the picture...)-:
RM3 entrance fee!
This cat is chubby and cute!XD

Actually we sat on the bus that will take us around the garden and we were looking for the place where we could rent bicycles but we don't know where so we just stopped somewhere and we walked on our own.We thought we got lost cause it was so quiet and we didn't see any landmarks around but thankfully we saw a map and there was a bridge!XD

Me with my new baby Holga,I call him Blakhol but you can't really see him in this picture!XD
Nice lake!XD
Lucas was telling us that he can piggyback Hon Yuen but we didn't believe him.Amazingly he can do it!XD.Kanasai,Wilson I didn't know I would be in this picture also!
Oh,look its a plane!
On the way,we saw some pretty blue birds!There was no label there to tell us what they're called but they were really pretty!XD
Lucas says it's bad luck to take picture in the bridge.Wonder if this superstitious is true?
As soon as that peacock saw it kept coming closer to us and it kept following Wilson,maybe its because he's holding the camera and he wants Wilson to take more pictures?XD
The peacock and I!XD
Do a deer,a female deer~.A group of kindergarteners having their annual trip i think!XD
This dude here was walking to us and I was like "Shit,he's gonna ram us down!".0_0
*splat*!Ok,so he didn't ram us down,he just come to the puddle that was in front of us and was rolling around until he's covered with mud and some of us did get some of the mud on our shoes...-_-lll
These 2(guess the one in the ponytail is a girl/boy!) here was admiring the sight of a deer rolling in mud...-_-lll*cues Animal Planet*
Chee Keen loves the legs!XP

Oh,look its Wilson,finally!XD.He's the one sitting on the headless tortoise!XD

The fellowship of the leaf!XD.(From the left its Xin Ni with the blue shoelaces!Then Chee Keen,Lucas,me,Hon Yuen and Wilson!)

On the way to walking back to the entrance,we hitched a ride from the bus and got back to the entrance to find out tha the bicycle rental shop was nearby the entrance all along...-_-lll
Chee Keen took over Wilson's job as the photographer!Nice picture man!XD
One day,I will cycle with my love~~~XD

Everyone is exhausted!

The green people!No one told me got a dresscode for that day!
2 of the pictures are taken with Xin Ni's Fujifilm Instax Mini camera!
The girls!XD
The guys!XD
Time to go home!

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