Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tomorrow is my last day in Foundation

After my finals exam tomorrow then it would be the end of my whole Foundation in Arts course...YAY!!!!!!XD.No need to go to the cockroach infested building anymore!XD

I'm happy that its finally over but I'm sad that after tomorrow then we will all go our seperate ways and will not see each other often and keep in contact less...):

-I may be going to Taylor's to study Journalism Degree.
-Xin Ni will be going to Sheep-A-Go-Go Land to study Landscaping.
-Chee Keen maybe going to One Academy/Taylor's/Sunway/etc.
-Wilson will be going to HELP for Psychology.
-Kai Jun will be going to IMU for Psycholgy I think.
-Hon Yuen,Steph and Zi Hui will continue in UTAR i guess.

Xin Ni!I hope you will enjoy yourself eating organic stuff in Sheep-A-Go-Go Land!XD
Chee Keen!Which college you going la,dude?
Wilson!Get fatter!
Kai Jun!BE NICE!
Hon Yuen!Reduce your blurrness!
Zi Hui!Don't study so much,must lazy a bit!XD
I will miss Steph,the lecturers and the TB6 people too...):
I will miss the girls that I first met when I came to UTAR...

I will miss TB5 people...

P.S:I have not studied for my Maths test tomorrow!AICARAMBA!MERDE!

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