Monday, April 19, 2010

Books waiting for me~

I got lotsa books to read and they're waiting for me in dark little corner so that I won't get distracted from my studying.OUT OF SIGHT,OUT OF MIND!!!Finals in next week and this whole week I am gonna mug my brains with Social Psychology and Maths for Business and Social Science(in other words Add-Maths).

These are my new babies!Haven't got a chance to read them!

Also quite new but I was reading it halfway,haven't finish it yet.Its bookmarked.I'm re-reading 'A Great and Terrible Beauty' cause I have forgotten the whole story cause I bought this book years ago so the pages are yellowish/brownish already.I lost my 'Alice In Wonderland' book....T_T

Borrowed books but haven't read yet.

I will write reviews for each of these books so wait for it!XD

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