Friday, April 30, 2010

Clean-Up Box from Korea!

A packaged arrived for me last 2 weeks!

And its big!XD

What's inside?
From Korea.
From Korea.
I think from Japan or China.
From Korea.

I have placed my order for these last 2 months and I finally got it!The packaged came with the receipt and my change too!The boxes are adorable and it was my only solution to clean up the mess on my table and room!

I found these from here when I was browsing in Low Yat Forum.They have a blogshop too,selling all sorts of products but their best selling products are the Clean-Up Box and the stationeries from Korea(It's really cute so if you like cute stuff you should go check it out!).The seller was very direct with the orders and trustable cause my items arrived in 1 piece!She even put some newspaper in the package so that my items won't get squashed easily!I give it 8/10!I will definitely shop from her again!

ON with my items!XD.First is the Clean-Up Box!Its a thin hardcover material.
There are instructions written in Korean but I think you will get it by just looking at the pictures!
These are the parts to make the box.
First,make the base by folding the ends.
Take these 2 parts.
Fold in half.
Take this part.
Fold according to the line given.
It will look like this.
Slide in the 2 pink pieces from the bottom.
It will look like this.
Take the base.
Put the dividing part inside the base and Voila!Its done!XD
The mess at my table before using the box.

After using the box,my table seems to have more space!XD

Second box!The Wizard Of Oz patterned box!I love this box!The patterns on the box are really nice!And its big!You can fit so many stuff in it!It has a thick cardboard material.All 4 sides have different patterns!This is a really nice for fans of The Wizard Of Oz!

I could put 4 thick text books,1 of the heart box filled with magazines and my nail polishes!

The third box!Hearts box!Thick cardboard material also!Can put your own label!

I stuff this box with some CLEO and Seventeen magazines!

The Epi Roller!Suppose to help you remove facial hair and it directly removes the hair from the roots.Tried it and its just so-so cause it couldn't remove all of the hair.Its a bit painful cause its removing from the hair roots and your skin will be red after using it so don't use it on the day when you plan to go out,use it the night before and put on moisturizer after using it.

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