Monday, January 17, 2011

The shortest concert I have been to

Seriously,the Digi Live K-pop Party Night lasted only for 1 hour 30 minutes but it was good that the concert started right on time and there was no waiting time when they were changing for the next act on stage!The venue has air-condition but obviously it didn't help much cause I was sweating my ass off from all the screaming and jumping.The most sucky part was being told to not wave my yellow sticks around cause I was blocking the cameramen,well its your fault for letting me stand at the spot in front of you and for having a low-position camera!So I hope my yellow sticks have destroyed all of your recordings!XD

It was not super-crowded like I expect it to be,maybe because the ticket is pricey?Well,thanks to that I got an awesome view even though I am in the Gold Zone but stupid guards won't let me stand on the barrier or else I would get an excellent view of their faces!

Flying blip~or whatever you call this

Ok,this dude was the local act that performed before G.Na came out and he looks like Jang Geun Suk!Seriously!XD

The host for the night was Royce from radio station.

Giant yellow balls that can crush people.

G.Na performed first and was accompanied by Jun Hyung from Beast!She only sang a few songs but  I can't wait for her new album which is coming out soon!She sang 'I'll back off so you can live better','Take a bow-Rihanna(she forgotten a few lyrics but she did an awesome job anyway!)','Supa solo' and that's it if I'm not mistaken.

A small Q&A session after she sang her first song.By the way,I think she has big basoomas for her size.

Immediately after her was 4Minute!OMG,THEY ARE SO PRETTY AND HOT IN PERSON!AND FAIR TOO!OMG I WANT TO BE FAIR LIKE THEM!I WANT THEIR LEGS TOO!XD.They sang quite a lot of songs such as 'I My Me Mine','Huh','Muzik','Hot Issue','Highlight' and that's all.

Small Q&A session after their first song.They need translators but G.Na was fine on her own!XD


Lastly,the one I really wanted to see since I missed them the first time they came to Malaysia,BEAST!XD.OMG,THEY ARE ALL SO HOT!!!Bummer,that Kik Wang couldn't be there cause he has to shot for a drama called 'My Princess'.I SWEAR I WAS SCREAMING MY ASS OFF WHILE THEY WERE PERFORMING!XD.They sang the most songs for the night which are 'Soom','Special','Shock','V.I.U(Very Important You)','Beautiful','Oasis',and that's all if I'm not mistaken.

Q&A session!


I can totally imagine Samantha's drooling face right now.She calls him ang moh cause he looks like he has the mixed genes and she didn't know his name.Dong Woon is same age as us and the youngest in the group too!XD.She said when she saw him came on stage,she nearly jizzed in her pants cause she was sort of holding it in before the concert started.

Only Du Jun and Dong Woon took off their jackets!So many screaming girls here!XD

Samantha and I after the whole thing,all sweaty and satisfied!XD.Samantha asked me what are Beast famous songs before it started then,I told her Soom,then she said is it the group who sang Bingeul-Bingeul?Does it have a member called Lee Jun?Hahaha,both of the description she said are from 2 different groups!XD

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