Sunday, January 30, 2011

My first car accident involving another car with mine

Such a long title but it clearly states that I got into a car accident.It was only my second time driving out in the real roads cause most of the time I only drive around my housing area and THIS HAD TO HAPPEN!You can see the 2 pictures of the damage done at the previous post.

How did it happen?Well,after I picked up a friend then I was turning left in my own lane.On my right was a line of cars waiting for the traffic light to turn red so I was just driving on my own lane but I didn't notice suddenly another car from the right lane cut in,in front of me.Due to my slow reaction and inexperience,we knocked into each other.

Oh,my poor Ocean that's not even 1 year old yet!T_T

Luckily,the lady was so nice and she didn't go crazy mad at me after she got out of the car.She didn't even ask me to pay her money!cause it was a minor accident.She was more worried about me anyone in the car getting hurt and all.She is SO NICE!HOW CAN SHE BE SO NICE WHEN MY OCEAN MADE A SMALL DENT ON HER CAR?!

Good thing is she was not driving an expensive or a new car.

My dad probably got pissed off and thinking that I banged up her car really badly that he kept asking her if she wants to claim insurance but she kept saying No cause she doesn't wanna lose money.Heck,I don't even know anything about CAR INSURANCE!I don't even know what am I suppose to do after banging someone's car!My friend even think it was so cool cause it was a first time that one sat in a friend's car and got into an accident.-_-lll

I don't know why my mum has to broadcast this to the whole family.It is really annoying and it will be extra annoying when Chinese New Year comes.All the aunties will be talking about it definitely.-_-lll

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