Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stage sucks!The workers I mean.

Last week,I went to Mid Valley with Emily and my cousin,Crystal cause I have to use my Stage voucher which entitles me to get a free make-up session and an instant photo too and it was gonna expire by the end of January.At the same time,Emily can take some pictures of the make-up artist for her assignment.Before we go to Stage,we have to feed ourselves cause we were starving so we went to try out this new restaurant called Gardens Lifestyle Restaurant.It is located near the walkway that connects Mid Valley to The Gardens Shopping Centre.You won't miss it cause it is a beautifully decorated restaurant,all-white with flowers and even a staircase!

So all three of us ordered the Lunch sets they have and for drinks,we could choose between Coffee or Ice Lemon Tea.3 of us chose Ice Lemon Tea of course.Damn,I forgotten to steal the rose stirrer!

The lunch set comes with 1 drink,1 starter,1 main course and 1 soup of the day but sadly no dessert.So we got Seafood Mushroom Soup.They said it tasted like Shark Fin soup,but to me it tasted alright,there was a few pieces of mushrooms and fish meat and oyster.

Ok,we all can agree that this plate of salad sucks!The dressing they put is Balsamic Vinegar only.So it was sour and plain and people who hates vegetables will definitely not eat this.I was the only one who finished the lettuces and tomatoes cause I don't like eating raw onions.

Emily's Nasi Lemak set,the sambal is pretty spicy but the rice tasted awesome according to Emily.

Crystal's set,Cream pasta with Bacon.She said its filling cause of the creaminess so she did not manage to finish the whole plate of it.But it is delicious!

My set,Salted Egg Fried Rice.It was quite dry but the amount of flavour is just right,not too salty and it has a few pieces of prawns too but some of the prawns seems undercooked.I didn't finish everything cause it was not so nice.

Food- 7/10
Service- 5/10,cause the food came after more than 15 minutes!Maybe cause it was lunchtime and there was a lot customers.
Environment- 8/10

Raspberry flavoured frozen yogurt with Spoon's signature granola and Oreo bits and Tiramisu topping!I LOVE SPOON OMG THE FROZEN YOGURT THERE IS SO NICE AND THEIR SIGNATURE GRANOLA TOPPING IS THE BOMB!It was the 2nd time I been there and I feel that its worth it.Now they have a promotion which is Free Tiramisu topping for 1 cup of frozen yogurt.


The table we sat at changes colors,literally.Now its blue like Crystal's nails.

Me after the make-up session in Stage.Not much difference cause she did a light Day make-up for me.

Free manicure session from Emily.

Here's a close up of the eye make up.I wanted a day look so she only used 1 color.The workers in Stage are really rude and ignorant,going in there makes me feel so frustrated just looking at their bored and cocky faces.They were unfriendly and I can feel that they want me to leave the shop as soon as possible.Even the make up done on my face is not done nicely.The lady just did it simply!She didn't even curl my lashes!

But I really like the eyeshadow color she used!Sadly,it was only available on the expensive eyeshadow palette which I can't afford.

The make up really made my eyes look bigger!Plus,I was wearing blue colored contacts that sort of makes my eyes look bigger.I got my contact lenses from KittyTales which is owned by a friend of mine.My contacts are called EOS Max Misty Blue.

This is a really nice picture taken by Emily using her DSLR.Now I feel more encouraged to save up for one,but I don't think I am willing to lug a big camera around just to take nice pictures...but I might change my mind,thanks to Lookbook where people post awesome pictures that are edited till it looks more awesome.I don't even have Photoshop!

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