Monday, February 14, 2011

Yoga Yourself!

I wanted to learn yoga after I quit belly dancing so that I have another way to work out and so that I won't have flabby body parts when college starts.I wanted to join Beth Yoga Centre which is near my house but Mum rather send herself to yoga lessons than sending me.So I rather Youtube some Yoga videos to learn at home and at the same time,I can save money!XD.

So I have been practicing some moves using these videos!I start by warming up with this video,I'll usually skip the early parts and go straight to sun salutations.I still haven't master the sun salutations yet.

Then we go to the beginner poses.These videos are so far the easiest to follow in my opinion cause she teaches it slower compare to other yoga videos.

I tried doing the twist and put your hand at the other knee pose and I kept slipping and falling!I have horrible balance...T_T

So now I am practicing with this video!So that I will be balanced and decrease my tendency to fall down when someone pushes me.XD

This video seriously made me more awake and less grumpy in the morning!

So try those videos out and you will definitely feel better and it will make you healthier too!If you have any yoga tips for a beginner like me that is self-learning yoga at home,please give me some pointers so that I can be better in yoga!^_^

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