Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back and OMG China Glaze!

I was back at 4.30a.m. Sunday cause of the crazy long jam, my dad had to take the old road instead of the highway which has so many bumps that even my dog and I can't sleep for the whole 2 hour journey!Anyway,I just counted my angpau money!Received more cash this year!WOOHOO!XD.My whole Chinese New Year celebration was boring but thankfully I managed to kill time by finishing 'Club Dead'-Charlaine Harris and 'Last Sacrifice'-Richelle Mead and playing Nancy Drew games on my laptop!I love Nancy Drew games!I practically grew up playing them!Its educational too!Plus,I always search walkthroughs to solve those puzzles!XD.I did not gamble this year also so I got a feeling I have forgotten how to play those card games that they always play during CNY.I don't even know how to play Mah Jong!So not Chinese of me!>_<

These are the nicest looking angpau packets I got this year!

 1.Deep fried arrowhead biscuits can replace popcorn any day!
2.I just discovered this biscuit this year.I have no idea what this is called but ITS AWESOME!Its sweet and salty at the same time!Crispy too!I think its made out of flour.I shall call this biscuit 'Swirly'!

3.This crispy deep fried flower-shaped biscuit coated with sesame seeds is THE BOMB too!Its sweet but not too sweet!

4.I have not open this container filled with Pineapple Tarts but I love Pineapple Tarts too!I shall open it once I'm done with the flower biscuit.

5.Deep Fried seaweed biscuits!
6.Deep Fried Crab Meat biscuits!Expensive and also just came out this year!XD

Bet not many of you know about this yet!China Glaze has just came up with their own Crackle polish collection!I have been super curious to try Crackle polish ever since I saw another blogger putting a review on OPI's Shatter polish!I have not used China Glaze nail polishes before but it has many good reviews so I will try it out!Here's a video for China Glaze's new collection 'Crackle Glaze'!

I WANT THEM ALL!But due to my budget,I shall choose 2 only...T_T.Its so hard to choose!T_T.After the mental debate in my brain,I have chosen to get Crackled Concrete & Crushed Candy!Its RM23 for one if you order from this site!I always order from there cause she's a reliable seller even though it takes at least 3 weeks for pre-ordered stuff to arrive.

Crackled Concrete

Crushed Candy

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