Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I got a medal!XD

For finishing the Standard Chartered 10km marathon!Yay!XD

But my legs still hurts like hell!T_T.This is what happens when u dont exercise often!XD

Going gaga with alice nine-Kowloon0-Nine Heads Rodeo Show song!Such a sexy song!XD

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why I love SHINee?

Its because of this!XD

(credits to jpopasia!^_^)
5 member idol group, SHINee were on KBS CoolFM ‘Maybee’s Volume Up’ Radio where they honestly spoke out their opinions when asked questions of different scenarios of ‘If you had a girlfriend…?’

First off, DJ Maybee questioned leader Onew, “When your girlfriend is upset, how would you cheer her up?” He answered saying “I will play/sing her a song and make her feel better.” And Onew even sang “Tears are Dropping” by K.Will on the radio.

Next up, Jonghyun was asked, “How do you feel about girlfriends older than you?” Jonghyun answered, “I don’t’ think age should be a variable in love” and even added, “Same zodiac signs are okay, too.”

Now Key was asked, “What would you do if your girlfriend came out to meet you and dressed in an outfit a fashion terrorist would wear?” And to the question, Key answered, “I’ll go shopping with her and buy everything for her.”

Then Minho gave off a manly aura with his answer to the question, “What would you do if your found out your girlfriend and friend were contacting each other?” Minho answered, “I’ll tell her to stop because she has me.”

Then youngest Taemin was questioned, “What would you do if your parents were against your girlfriend?” Well, Taemin is the baby so he replied; “I would persuade them by acting cute and nagging.”

1.I would feel much much better if Onew serenades a song to me!So dreamy!XD
2.Maybe he likes older women!XD.I wonder what's his sign?
3.Key will be the best shopping buddy ever!XD.So sweet!And he speaks english!
4.Minho is so loyal to his future girlfriend!(A little part of me wishes that there are guys like that)
5.Aww...I LOVE YOU TAE-MIN!!!XD.We will be able to be together eventhough I'm older than yoU!!!XD(*goes into dreamland*)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am done with my 5-minute speech!XD

So I didn't get to beg her to let me do my speech next week and I even messed up my speech a bit!T_T

Comments for my speech:
-Not a good topic for a speech
-personality wise:Gave a first impression as A very unpredictable person,which can be used as advantage.
-Got a lot of work to do to improve.

But now that it's over,I have one less thing to worry about!XD

Next is the 15-20 minutes talk show...Hmm,what should we talk about?Homosexuality?Villians from movies?About the male and female species?XD

Thursday, June 18, 2009

5-Minute SPEECH!!!0_0

I just wrote it yesterday and I have to present it in 8.30a.m!!!I haven't even install it in my bloody brain yet!!!AHH~~!!!

Btw,blogging from my university and I am gonna die man!!!T_T

I am gonna beg my lecturer to let me do the speech next week!!!Let's just hope it works!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life is so...


ever since I started my studies,I have been busy with tutorials and assignments!!!And I don't even get enough sleep because my classes always starts at either 8a.m or 8.30a.m!!!

I haven't even prepare my 5-minute speech yet!!!It will be about horoscopes!!!Is it ok???

I will feel much better if I could go back home to this!XD.I would be the girl with the ponytail,surrounded by hot hot hot japanese guys!XD

Friday, June 5, 2009

Blogging from Genting!

I'm alone with the laptop in The Coffee Beans blogging while drinking some delicious Hot Chocolate with marshmallows!Yummy!XD

Parents got a friend who got 2 free rooms for my family to stay in Genting Resort Hotel and went straight to Genting once my I'm done with classes.There's actually PURIKURA(Japanese Photo sticker machines)!!!And there's a lot and I repeat a lot of GACHAPON machines everywhere in Genting!!!I'm in GaCha heaven!!!XD.So far I spent Rm12 on Gachapon already!XD.Maybe I will spend more tomorrow!Will be waking up early to go to the outdoor park tomorrow,maybe I will finally ride the Cockscrew...scary!

When we arrived at the carpark!So misty!You won't know whether a monster might jump out!XD

View from hotel room!Nice right?^_^

There's even a moon at 5-6p.m!Sadly my phone camera sucks so you can just see a cute little white dot there!XD

The rumoured haunted apartment in Genting...

I'm alone cause my 2 younger sisters went to watch some circus performance which tickets are ranging from RM50-100+!0_0.But they got 2 free tickets and I was not really interested cause I saw the banner and there was no hot guys there,the only thing that i want interesting was the 2 cute little sheepdogs in the pictures and the white lion with a cute mohawk!XD

Parents went to Monte Carlo(casino!Duh!).I actually tried walking into the casino but the guard asked for my I.C!XD.I know I'm still underage to enter the casino,but my dad actually asked the guard whether if an 18 year old who looks like a 21 year old person can that person enter and the guard said yes!So I should have come prepared!I should have put on some thick make-up,dress up more maturely and wear sky-high heels!XD.If I could enter I will definitely hit the slot machines!XD.Like Katy Perry's new video 'Waking up In Vegas'!XD.Who knows maybe Lady Luck will be on my side?

And those fishes in the aquarium in the Monte Carlo Casino is bloody ugly!I don't know why people think those fishes bring luck..-_-lll