Thursday, August 19, 2010

4th Film-Kodak Gold 200

Deleted my c-box cause it's not active anyway and I am not an active blogger too.So now just drop me some comments if there's anything.

Finally got my film back from Wesley,anyway I AM DAMN HAPPY CAUSE I MANAGE TO GET 30/36 EXPOSURES!!!AT LEAST IT IS A BIG IMPROVEMENT!!!XD.I finally got a decent pictures of Gee Gee,and they turned out really good too!Since Gee Gee is so camera-shy,its very hard to get any pictures of her no matter what camera you use,she even runs away after seeing the mobile phone cameras!I'm so proud of myself right now!XD

Omg,LOOK AT CUTE DARLINGS!!!XD.Ding Ding & Gee Gee!The Young and The Old!The Dark Side and The Bright Side!
Words cannot describe how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!X3
I think this was taken when Ivan,Chloe and I went to Aquaria,KLCC. Those two were never-ending talking about sharks.-_-lll

These are the dark until cannot see anything shots...Kanasai-ness,I don't have the Holga flash yet...Should I get it?

P.S:I should be doing my assignments right now but i am obviously procrastinating!The deadlines are next week!!!SHIT!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blogging from Pinko!!!

Aloha!!! As you can see i'm actually blogging again and now i'm using the blogger droid program,which I just downloaded into my new phone which is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini. I call her Pinko!:-P. Anyway, I got the Johnson's latest body lotion sample from the mail today! it smells awesome,peachy!!! the texture is not too oily or sticky either. Once i'm done with my sample I am gonna get the bigger bottle!!!:-)

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

MTV WORLD STAGE 2010 is over~

Losing my blogging mojo~~~

Anyway,thanks to MTV World Stage,I am now down with the flu,sore throat,cough,fever and body ache.My voice has become husky,I could be a phone sex operator!XP.

Now let me tell you my experience during the whole event!

First,I was waiting in line to get inside and since I only had normal tickets I have to wait longer and while waiting the weather went from sunny to heavy rain so therefore I was already wet from head to toe before they even gave me the raincoat.My stupid mascara from Etude House actually smeared like crazy so i have to wipe my whole face with tissue already soaked in rain water.Waterproof my ass!FML No.1!

Got pass the security check and wore the rain coat and rushed to the venue,got my shoes wet and waited under the rain for an hour then only Bunkface came out.
Not so jumpy here~

After that,waited for another hour for Wonder Girls.Their opening was awesome!They broke out from cages!Crap,I sound so jakun here!XD
From this outfit,then they strip to this!
Hye Rim,Sun Ye,Ye Eun,So Hee,and Hyun Bin.
Most of the audience like So Hee and Hyun Bin!XD
They sang 2 korean songs from their latest album which I don't know the title,then they sang 'So Hot',Rock version of 'Nobody','Tell Me','2 Different Tears' and they sang mostly in English.

After Wonder Girls,waited for more than an hour for Tokio Hotel.They even announced that,they are willing to perform for us even when they have technical difficulties but obviously they can't cause they could get electrocuted.This is why I love TOKIO HOTEL!!!XD.Seriously,I hope one day they will arrange the audience according to height cause we short people can't see!!!FML No.2!
I think he wore that during their Humanoid Tour.

I wonder if that bike works?
Georj!His hair was longer and not so straight.
Omg,Tom plays the piano!!!XD.Sounding very jakun again~~~.They sang 'Zoom Into Me'~ which was their last song for the night...T_T
The songs they sang are 'Human Connect to Human','Dogs Unleashed','Humanoid','Alien','Monsoon','Darkside Of the Sun','Automatic','World Behind My Wall','Forever Now',and 'Zoom Into Me'.That's all if I'm not mistaken.

After Tokio Hotel,some of the crowd left while some stayed for Katy Perry which started 1 hour later...They seriously love to make people wait under the rain!
She wore this and I love her stage props!XD.So cute!XD
Don't ask me what kinda pose is this cause I don't wanna know...

She was singing 'Thinking Of You'.
This cream came out when she was going to sing 'I Kissed A Girl'.Note the 2 gingerbread girls behind.
Fireworks after she finished her last song!XD.She sang 'California Girls','Thinking Of You','Peacock','Hot and Cold','I Kissed A Girl','Waking Up In Vegas' and I think that's it.

Lotsa people left after Katy Perry but there was still one last performance from Wonder Girls again!XD.They sang 'Nobody' mixed with some Korean and English!And they said they are coming back to Malaysia!XD.Ye Eun said 'Saya cinta kamu!' which means I love you in Malay which drove the men wild!XD.

All the pictures I posted are courtesy from Benny Tan.He's damn lucky to get the X-Zone passes!

The concert ended at around 1a.m. which is way longer than they have predicted.They predicted the concert to end at 10p.m.So after Wonder Girls I have to quickly change to new clothes and head to~~~
These are my post-party tickets.

And it sucked cause they wouldn't let me into the VIP section which is the whole point of the post-party tickets!!!So I just went in walked around then went home cause it was really late.