Thursday, August 19, 2010

4th Film-Kodak Gold 200

Deleted my c-box cause it's not active anyway and I am not an active blogger too.So now just drop me some comments if there's anything.

Finally got my film back from Wesley,anyway I AM DAMN HAPPY CAUSE I MANAGE TO GET 30/36 EXPOSURES!!!AT LEAST IT IS A BIG IMPROVEMENT!!!XD.I finally got a decent pictures of Gee Gee,and they turned out really good too!Since Gee Gee is so camera-shy,its very hard to get any pictures of her no matter what camera you use,she even runs away after seeing the mobile phone cameras!I'm so proud of myself right now!XD

Omg,LOOK AT CUTE DARLINGS!!!XD.Ding Ding & Gee Gee!The Young and The Old!The Dark Side and The Bright Side!
Words cannot describe how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!X3
I think this was taken when Ivan,Chloe and I went to Aquaria,KLCC. Those two were never-ending talking about sharks.-_-lll

These are the dark until cannot see anything shots...Kanasai-ness,I don't have the Holga flash yet...Should I get it?

P.S:I should be doing my assignments right now but i am obviously procrastinating!The deadlines are next week!!!SHIT!!!

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