Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Personal Dream Coordinate(Lolita)

My Dream Coordinate
My Dream Coordinate by kylie91 featuring straw totes

I have been thinking about joining this competition by La Vida Frills after lurking around the blog for a long time!This contest ends tomorrow and I managed to find some time today to plan out My Personal Dream Coordinate( go to the link for contest information) so here goes my description!

I am into the classic style of lolita and usually the colors I would go for in this style is white as you can see in my coordinate.That beautiful sailor-like Jumperskirt from Mary Magdalene is my dream dress and shows that I like to wear simple,vintage but elegant dresses whenever I go out and due to the forever summer weather in Malaysia,I won't wear a blouse underneath.However,if it gets chilly,I will put on a cardigan from Innocent World.Since the Sun has UV rays so a parasol from Baby The Stars Shine Bright will shield me from the Sun whenever I am outdoors.The over the knee high socks from Angelic Pretty,white mary janes from Baby The Stars Shine Bright matches perfectly with the Jumperskirt and it is flat sole will make me feel more comfortable when I am doing a lot of walking and with the white petticoat from Innocent World to make sure my dress doesn't look flat and lifeless.The straw bag makes the outfit more casual and it is also to keep my cardigan inside and it matches the whole coordinate and inside the bag it will contain some oil blotters from Anna Sui because my face gets oily very fast in this hot weather, Lubitel 166U, my dream russian made lomo camera which adds a more vintage side to the coordinate and some films to capture my adventures whenever I go!XD. But the whole coordinate is not complete without some accessories such as the cameo necklace and blue roses ring to match with the dress and I like to keep my accessories to the minimum so that it will stand out more.Therefore,this whole coordinate is the mix of classic,vintage,casual and country style that suits me and my desires to explore the world in lolita and capturing the moment using film cameras since I have a passion for lomography too.I can never afford all of these items so Santa please get me all of it!XD

I hope I have a chance to win this competition cause lately I have not won anything from competitions...but I ain't giving up!XD

Moral is done!

Finally I finished my Moral Final exam today which also means I don't need to see or even notice its existence anymore!!!XD.Don't know why the education system here requires us students to learn it again even though we already learned it since elementary school and high school, as if I don't know what the hell moral is. Next up, Malaysian Studies for the next semester!Yay,for another stupid subject!

Few days ago,I asked my dad, where did he put the pictures or videos of my trip around Europe with my mum when I was 12. After digging around the storeroom he found it and I can tell you,you will be having laughing fits after seeing my pictures just like what happened with my dad and younger sisters.You would be so happy to know that from those pictures as you can see later,I was a nerd and I have bad sense of style and I was the quiet emo girl who doesn't have much friends. So the next post will be so funny that you will laugh until you start rolling on the floor cause I look and am a different person now.As much as I don't wanna post these pictures, I want to anyway cause it will be stored here as a memory to me in case i lost the CD and the photos starts to fade. Its also a prove to people that I have really been to these places!XD

Monday, October 25, 2010


Ayesha(aka Mei Lee) and Jaclyn(aka Jub Jub) made the word Zurich to be able to use in any part of your sentence just like how you use the word 'Fuck' so just replace it with Zurich. But we're not trying to insult the state or anything so no hard feelings. By the way, we didn't even know where Zurich is until we googled it and found out its in Switzerland.

Anyway,everyone else did their monologue today and thank you god that I don't have to do it!XD.Still I have some crazy deadlines coming up so gotta push myself to not procrastinate and finish everything A.S.A.P!

Anyway,college life seems to be less boring thanks to these people I have met!

Levanjith from Sri Lanka,Vanissa which I already met in UTAR,me and Lena from Ipoh.

This happened after we discovered the MAC PC's in the library!XD.

 Me,Ayesha aka Mei Lee from Australia but is Malaysian,Jaclyn aka Jac Jac from Ipoh and Lev.

 My classmates from Indonesia, Cindy and Agnes!
 The dude in the middle is Nigel.
Eleena beside me.

Actually there's a lot more people that I met but didn't take pictures with them yet so will get some pictures with them before the semester ends. I am procrastinating right now from my Principles of  Journalism assignment so FML.

True Blood Season 3

I FINALLY FINISHED IT!AFTER MONTHS OF NOT THINKING ABOUT IT THANKS TO BLOODY ASSIGNMENTS. So that's the reason I did not go online for 3days cause I was glued to the TV and the DVD player. I just realized that not going online for a few days can seriously make me miss a lot of birthdays and makes me more paranoid about assignment deadlines because my last few assignments had Monday deadlines.

True Blood season 3 is definitely not the last season! Stupid cliffhanging endings!All of last episodes always end with stupid cliffhangers that drives me nuts!This season is no exception! Sookie disappears with some chick to god knows where fairy land, Sam shots something, Bill versus the vamp queen, ERIC ALMOST GOT CEMENTED ALIVE!Thankfully he didn't die, cause it would totally destroy the whole point of watching True Blood anyway. Eric Northman, real name Alexander Skarsgard is the MOST SEXIEST MAN I HAVE EVER SEEN SINCE JARED LETO! HE BEATS JARED LETO BIG TIME!XD.

I shall drown you all with his sexiness with these pictures!Don't say I didn't warn you!X3

 This was his hairstyle for the 1st season. But it didn't start my obsession to him.

Then it got to the 2nd season and then I started going gaga over him!XD. I didn't notice that he was the guy that appeared in Lady Gaga's video 'Paparazzi' until I wiki-ed.YAY, GAGA AND ALEXANDER!XD

 Omg...Seriously,looks good in a tracksuit!

 Tall handsome men can really affect me!

The controversial Rolling Stones cover where they are naked but not really showing all of their nakedness.I don't think there's anything wrong with it.You can't see anything except for Alexander's hot abs and Stephen's butt.

I saved the best for last!XD. I am not being pervertic but just showing how Alexander Skarsgard has an awesome body that can make me go wobbly at my knees and get me turned on if you add in his voice and the fact that he's 194cm tall!He's Swedish!His piercing eyes...damn,can make me melt instantly!Plus,he was one of the sergeants in the Swedish Navy!He's 34 years old now,I think.

I wonder if he's still dating Kate Bosworth. She's one hell of a lucky woman to be able to date him!Heck,Lady Gaga is lucky enough to be on the bed and kiss him too!

(all pictures are found in Google Images so credits given to their respective owners)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Neon Trees - Animal



But the vocalist has a weird hairstyle though, oh well, that's what makes this band more special plus the girl too!XD

Juicy Autumn Rock

Juicy Autumn Rock
Juicy Autumn Rock by kylie91 featuring a white sweater
This is my submission for the Juicy Couture competition in Polyvore! But my submission is so plain compared to the others!I need to brush up on my Polyvore skills!Hopefully I got a chance to be in the finals and maybe win one of the BEAUTIFUL Bags! That bag is my favourite among the latest collection of Juicy Couture!XD

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nail Galore's Giveaway-MAC's Venomous Villains Collection=Nail Polish

Picture credits to Nail

OH MY GOODNESS GOD OF COOKIES!!!0_0.That was my reaction after seeing the beautiful colors in Venomous Villains collection ,I am admit that I AM IN LOVE WITH THE COLORS!XD.The beautiful variation of colors in each bottle of nail polish and its shiny and it has blueish and purple color tones!OMG!!!XD

Ok,enough of my love confessions!As you can see, NAIL GALORE is having a giveaway! One winner will get to walk away with those 3 BEAUTIFUL nail polishes which are already sold out in all MAC counters in Malaysia! You must be thinking, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! The contest is until 15th November!For the details on how to join this contest,go and take a look here!XD.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First coordinate in Polyvore!

First coordinate in Polyvore!
First coordinate in Polyvore! by kylie91 featuring swarovski jewelry

The beauty of Polyvore! Finally joined it after lurking around other blogs which uses Polyvore to describe their current style!Its so fun!Now I can just come up with a coordinate without having to spend cash but one day I shall dress up as one of my Polyvore's coordinates! Have to save up for a pair of Doc Martens, vintage bag, and some pretty jewelry like that!XD

Anyone in Polyvore here? Add me!XD.I wanna see your styles too!I'm currently friendless right now.XP

Monday, October 11, 2010

Go Goth by OPI

What on earth is going on with my Silverlight aka laptop?! I just typed a paragraph and after pressing 'enter' all of it dissappeared! Cacatness!

Anyway, before it all disappears again, I was saying I actually received my order few weeks ago but I didn't have the time to post it up. So I ordered OPI's Go Goth Minis collection which is specially out for Halloween coming soon this month and also another different collection for a friend.I am in love with the oh so dark colors!Maybe its my inner goth thing!XD. All of the pictures are taken with my phone camera,Pinky!XD

Pretty packaging and managed to arrive in one piece.

They have some tips on how you can DIY those pattern on your nails using the nail polishes in this collection.

The free cuff bracelet that came together. Its just a simple stretchable lace bracelet,kinda lose on me though.

Too dark to see as much as I tried to use the sunlight to capture the colors.

 Using flash helps a little.The colors from left to right: Unripened,Nevermore,Sanguine and Obscurity.
 these are the swatches.Unripened-a black polish with blue shimmer or tiny blue glitters.
Nevermore-Purple polish with tiny purple glitters. Sanguine-maroon shimmer polish.Obscurity-normal black polish.
I'm currently wearing Unripened,hopefully you guys can see the tiny specks of glitter in the polish under the sunlight.I LOVE THIS COLOR!XD

This nail polish set by OPI is bought from here. Its my second time purchasing from her and she is a trustable seller. The best thing is she packs the products properly using bubble wrap & polystyrene so that it doesn't get damaged and I think her price is reasonable. RM40 for 4 mini OPI polishes. I can get more variety by buying the sets and if I really like the colors then I will buy the normal sized bottle of OPI polish next month only because I made a vow to myself to not shop online for this month!Let's hope that vow stays!XD

I got yelled at by Jaclyn for asking too many questions for 2-3 times for the last weekend cause of the stupid PR assignment which drove almost everyone mad,thankfully I'm done with it yesterday and I'm not gonna recheck it cause I gave up already,whatever that is there will stay there. Her yelling sorta hit me hard but that's what I get for being too inquisitive and reliant on people.Btw,thank you karma for letting a bird poop on my mum's head this morning!XD

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5th film-Fuji Velvia 100

Actually there was a black & white film before this one but the whole film was blank.I was angry and sad at the same time because I lost all my wonderful memories with my friends in that film. Stupid shop still charges me even though nothing came out.

For this Fuji Film,I got 27/36 shots which is good.The effect it gave after cross-processing was very orange and reddish but I hoped that it would be purple!So these are the viewable ones.

The stairs to the roof of Kellie's Castle.

Harry on the roof of Kellie's Castle,enjoying the nice view.

 Harry sitting in the old oven of Kellie's kitchen.

Malaysia Boleh!
 Actually Harry is at the left side but you can't see him cause of my horrible multiple exposure skill.

The Bear Tree outside of Kellie's castle!XD

 I think this picture is a double exposure.
 This is an awesome picture!
 Same as this one too but with couples instead of kids!XD
 Harry with Chee Keen, Hon Yuen, Chee Seng and Wilson!
 Zi Hui, Xin Ni, May Yi, Steph and me carrying Harry. I miss Harry..T_T
Actually I took picture of Harry sitting on a rock by the sea and I probably forgotten to wind the film it ended up like someone is stepping on Harry cause i took pictures of feet after that.XP

 I cannot identify the four dudes in this picture.0_0

 Ivan and Chloe drawing on the sand...Great vignetting effect here and I didn't even get the Holga 135BC which shows that Blakhol ROCKS!XD

 Fishing village...

 Wesley, Jayce, Ivan, Weng Cheok and Shurong hiding behind the vignette while eating.

Ivan looked like he's running to someone...XP