Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nail Galore's Giveaway-MAC's Venomous Villains Collection=Nail Polish

Picture credits to Nail

OH MY GOODNESS GOD OF COOKIES!!!0_0.That was my reaction after seeing the beautiful colors in Venomous Villains collection ,I am admit that I AM IN LOVE WITH THE COLORS!XD.The beautiful variation of colors in each bottle of nail polish and its shiny and it has blueish and purple color tones!OMG!!!XD

Ok,enough of my love confessions!As you can see, NAIL GALORE is having a giveaway! One winner will get to walk away with those 3 BEAUTIFUL nail polishes which are already sold out in all MAC counters in Malaysia! You must be thinking, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! The contest is until 15th November!For the details on how to join this contest,go and take a look here!XD.


karlee79 said...

if anyone is interested Orly came out with 2 colors that are exactly identical to the 2 MAC colors.

MAC's Mean&Green = Orly Space Cadet

MAC's Formidable=Orly Galxy Girl

these 4 polishes have no difference whatsoever! they are both made by great brands.

Kye Lin said...

Really?Cool!Thanks for the info!I'll check it out!XD