Saturday, October 30, 2010

Moral is done!

Finally I finished my Moral Final exam today which also means I don't need to see or even notice its existence anymore!!!XD.Don't know why the education system here requires us students to learn it again even though we already learned it since elementary school and high school, as if I don't know what the hell moral is. Next up, Malaysian Studies for the next semester!Yay,for another stupid subject!

Few days ago,I asked my dad, where did he put the pictures or videos of my trip around Europe with my mum when I was 12. After digging around the storeroom he found it and I can tell you,you will be having laughing fits after seeing my pictures just like what happened with my dad and younger sisters.You would be so happy to know that from those pictures as you can see later,I was a nerd and I have bad sense of style and I was the quiet emo girl who doesn't have much friends. So the next post will be so funny that you will laugh until you start rolling on the floor cause I look and am a different person now.As much as I don't wanna post these pictures, I want to anyway cause it will be stored here as a memory to me in case i lost the CD and the photos starts to fade. Its also a prove to people that I have really been to these places!XD

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