Monday, October 25, 2010


Ayesha(aka Mei Lee) and Jaclyn(aka Jub Jub) made the word Zurich to be able to use in any part of your sentence just like how you use the word 'Fuck' so just replace it with Zurich. But we're not trying to insult the state or anything so no hard feelings. By the way, we didn't even know where Zurich is until we googled it and found out its in Switzerland.

Anyway,everyone else did their monologue today and thank you god that I don't have to do it!XD.Still I have some crazy deadlines coming up so gotta push myself to not procrastinate and finish everything A.S.A.P!

Anyway,college life seems to be less boring thanks to these people I have met!

Levanjith from Sri Lanka,Vanissa which I already met in UTAR,me and Lena from Ipoh.

This happened after we discovered the MAC PC's in the library!XD.

 Me,Ayesha aka Mei Lee from Australia but is Malaysian,Jaclyn aka Jac Jac from Ipoh and Lev.

 My classmates from Indonesia, Cindy and Agnes!
 The dude in the middle is Nigel.
Eleena beside me.

Actually there's a lot more people that I met but didn't take pictures with them yet so will get some pictures with them before the semester ends. I am procrastinating right now from my Principles of  Journalism assignment so FML.

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