Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5th film-Fuji Velvia 100

Actually there was a black & white film before this one but the whole film was blank.I was angry and sad at the same time because I lost all my wonderful memories with my friends in that film. Stupid shop still charges me even though nothing came out.

For this Fuji Film,I got 27/36 shots which is good.The effect it gave after cross-processing was very orange and reddish but I hoped that it would be purple!So these are the viewable ones.

The stairs to the roof of Kellie's Castle.

Harry on the roof of Kellie's Castle,enjoying the nice view.

 Harry sitting in the old oven of Kellie's kitchen.

Malaysia Boleh!
 Actually Harry is at the left side but you can't see him cause of my horrible multiple exposure skill.

The Bear Tree outside of Kellie's castle!XD

 I think this picture is a double exposure.
 This is an awesome picture!
 Same as this one too but with couples instead of kids!XD
 Harry with Chee Keen, Hon Yuen, Chee Seng and Wilson!
 Zi Hui, Xin Ni, May Yi, Steph and me carrying Harry. I miss Harry..T_T
Actually I took picture of Harry sitting on a rock by the sea and I probably forgotten to wind the film it ended up like someone is stepping on Harry cause i took pictures of feet after that.XP

 I cannot identify the four dudes in this picture.0_0

 Ivan and Chloe drawing on the sand...Great vignetting effect here and I didn't even get the Holga 135BC which shows that Blakhol ROCKS!XD

 Fishing village...

 Wesley, Jayce, Ivan, Weng Cheok and Shurong hiding behind the vignette while eating.

Ivan looked like he's running to someone...XP

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