Monday, October 11, 2010

Go Goth by OPI

What on earth is going on with my Silverlight aka laptop?! I just typed a paragraph and after pressing 'enter' all of it dissappeared! Cacatness!

Anyway, before it all disappears again, I was saying I actually received my order few weeks ago but I didn't have the time to post it up. So I ordered OPI's Go Goth Minis collection which is specially out for Halloween coming soon this month and also another different collection for a friend.I am in love with the oh so dark colors!Maybe its my inner goth thing!XD. All of the pictures are taken with my phone camera,Pinky!XD

Pretty packaging and managed to arrive in one piece.

They have some tips on how you can DIY those pattern on your nails using the nail polishes in this collection.

The free cuff bracelet that came together. Its just a simple stretchable lace bracelet,kinda lose on me though.

Too dark to see as much as I tried to use the sunlight to capture the colors.

 Using flash helps a little.The colors from left to right: Unripened,Nevermore,Sanguine and Obscurity.
 these are the swatches.Unripened-a black polish with blue shimmer or tiny blue glitters.
Nevermore-Purple polish with tiny purple glitters. Sanguine-maroon shimmer polish.Obscurity-normal black polish.
I'm currently wearing Unripened,hopefully you guys can see the tiny specks of glitter in the polish under the sunlight.I LOVE THIS COLOR!XD

This nail polish set by OPI is bought from here. Its my second time purchasing from her and she is a trustable seller. The best thing is she packs the products properly using bubble wrap & polystyrene so that it doesn't get damaged and I think her price is reasonable. RM40 for 4 mini OPI polishes. I can get more variety by buying the sets and if I really like the colors then I will buy the normal sized bottle of OPI polish next month only because I made a vow to myself to not shop online for this month!Let's hope that vow stays!XD

I got yelled at by Jaclyn for asking too many questions for 2-3 times for the last weekend cause of the stupid PR assignment which drove almost everyone mad,thankfully I'm done with it yesterday and I'm not gonna recheck it cause I gave up already,whatever that is there will stay there. Her yelling sorta hit me hard but that's what I get for being too inquisitive and reliant on people.Btw,thank you karma for letting a bird poop on my mum's head this morning!XD

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