Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Personal Dream Coordinate(Lolita)

My Dream Coordinate
My Dream Coordinate by kylie91 featuring straw totes

I have been thinking about joining this competition by La Vida Frills after lurking around the blog for a long time!This contest ends tomorrow and I managed to find some time today to plan out My Personal Dream Coordinate( go to the link for contest information) so here goes my description!

I am into the classic style of lolita and usually the colors I would go for in this style is white as you can see in my coordinate.That beautiful sailor-like Jumperskirt from Mary Magdalene is my dream dress and shows that I like to wear simple,vintage but elegant dresses whenever I go out and due to the forever summer weather in Malaysia,I won't wear a blouse underneath.However,if it gets chilly,I will put on a cardigan from Innocent World.Since the Sun has UV rays so a parasol from Baby The Stars Shine Bright will shield me from the Sun whenever I am outdoors.The over the knee high socks from Angelic Pretty,white mary janes from Baby The Stars Shine Bright matches perfectly with the Jumperskirt and it is flat sole will make me feel more comfortable when I am doing a lot of walking and with the white petticoat from Innocent World to make sure my dress doesn't look flat and lifeless.The straw bag makes the outfit more casual and it is also to keep my cardigan inside and it matches the whole coordinate and inside the bag it will contain some oil blotters from Anna Sui because my face gets oily very fast in this hot weather, Lubitel 166U, my dream russian made lomo camera which adds a more vintage side to the coordinate and some films to capture my adventures whenever I go!XD. But the whole coordinate is not complete without some accessories such as the cameo necklace and blue roses ring to match with the dress and I like to keep my accessories to the minimum so that it will stand out more.Therefore,this whole coordinate is the mix of classic,vintage,casual and country style that suits me and my desires to explore the world in lolita and capturing the moment using film cameras since I have a passion for lomography too.I can never afford all of these items so Santa please get me all of it!XD

I hope I have a chance to win this competition cause lately I have not won anything from competitions...but I ain't giving up!XD

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