Monday, November 1, 2010

I am on Twitter and Churp Churp!

I finally gave in to peer pressure and got a Twitter account.Actually the only reason I got into Twitter is to make my profile in Churp Churp more verstile and to get more cash because you need a Twitter account to use Churp Churp but so far now I have nil cash...T_T.

One thing good about Twitter is that you can stalk your favourite artists without harming them unless you verbally harm them. The first few artist I stalked are Jared Leto,30 Seconds To Mars,Lady Gaga,The Script,The All-American Rejects and many more!XD.The sucky thing is the word limit but oh well,I'll get used to it!

Went to Animangaki yesterday held in Sunway College University to people watch and get a chance to sell my old shoes,dress and wig at my friend's booth.For some reasons I like to just sit and watch people pass by in their cosplay costumes.Some of them really can pull of their characters look but most of them can't sadly.Then there are the special ones which sacrifice almost to RM1000 to buy their props and costumes or just to handmade them.

 Star Wars paid a visit too!XD
I have seen this dude in different events and he's the character from Spirited Away.

Guki-chan!Which I met during the lolita outing!XD.She was cosplaying a character from a manga called Carnival.

Sadly,I didn't know how to react when that dude sorta embraced me with his 2 huge but fake arms so I gave a stoned expression.He's cosplaying as the dude from Prototype.Which is a damn cool character and I think he pulled it off alright.Yeah,I thought he was cute also.XD

Met Yumi who's cosplaying as the Zombie Nurse from Silent Hill!She looks awesome!XD.Perfect for Halloween too!

We did a friendly style of photo first!XD

 Then Cheryl joined in!XD

 Now's the scary picture and again,I suck at posing!!!FML!
This is Nelson!He's cross-dressing as Red Riding Hood and he looks good!XD.I didn't get to take a picture of the Big Bad Wolf who was his partner.

Sadly,I didn't get to sell any of my stuff...thought there are people who asked about it...Oh well,I can never sell my stuff I think.I will probably have to keep it until i grow old and die and be buried together with it.

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