Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Paris in 2004~

I went on a trip around Europe with my mum in 2004 so I was still young and nerdy that time.Initially I didn't want to go to this trip with my mum but I got no choice anyway(that was my thinking last time) and I didn't know how to appreciate that trip to the fullest also.Now I regret for not knowing how awesome this trip was and not enjoying it to the fullest and seeing the famous sites around Europe.Thankfully I can still remember the trip and I have pictures and videos to remind me of it.God,I was so nerdy and dull and emo-ish with my middle-parting hair last time,thank god I finally changed myself to look better!XD

So this trip was with a tour group and most of the people in the group are aunties,uncles,some middle age dudes who plan to get a job there,couple and a family with 4 sons. Our bus driver was this blond coconut hairstyle man,which I think he's Swedish.Never made any contact with him and can't really remember his face but the main thing is he was not cute but he was young looking.

Our first destination was Paris,France!XD. Ok stupid me didn't really feel the hooha on Paris that time,so I was so depressed looking in my pictures,probably got jet lag or something.

This was at the top of the Eiffel Tower and you have to take the super crowded lift to the top and gotta be careful of pickpockets too.

I think we ate lunch at that chinese restaurant.

On the boat that shows us around Paris.

A bunch of japanese tourists in the background when I wanted to take a picture with the double decker bus.

that's all the pictures I have from Paris,damn I should have took more!Next post will be up later and it will be another destination!Guess the next location!XD

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