Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Germany 2004

Next day of the Europe trip,I went to Black Forest,Germany not the main towns in Germany but its kinda nice too. A peaceful small town that is famous for its cuckoo clocks which costs a bomb and Black Forest Cake and Giant Pork Knuckles.When we reached Black Forest in the evening,it was already dark and let me tell you, you never seen pure darkness unless you have been to Black Forests at night let alone in the evening!It was literally pitch black!I couldn't see what on earth was in front of me or even myself!Lucky the tour guide knew the road like the back of his hand so we followed him blindly in the dark until we reached the cuckoo clock shop.You could see the shapes of the conifer trees though.The most trees you could see in the forests are conifer trees mostly known as the Christmas trees.

Me trying to find a way to eat the gigantic pork knuckles!In the end I only managed to a bit of the meat and skin cause the rest was bones.-_-lll

Next morning,my aunt from Germany paid a visit to us!

 I heard the houses here which is the other side of the city belongs to rich people such as socialites which its obvious cause look at its prettiness!XD. One day,I will live there and live a life of a socialite ala Gossip Girl not Paris Hilton though.

Seriously nice architecture and houses...and a pretty lake too...bloody rich people with bloody nice houses.

My Europe adventure ain't over yet though!Tomorrow I will post up my next destination!XD


nailgalore said...

wow! the houses are really nice!

Kye Lin said...

I know right!In real life its even better!XD