Monday, November 8, 2010

Switzerland 2004

Next day was Switzerland!I love love love Switzerland!XD.For some reason,I just feel like home there and its so peaceful and did you know that Switzerland is one of the top 3 countries in the world?

God knows why,I gotta take a picture of a rest stop.

After some googling,I found out that this statue is called the Lucerne Lion monument also known as Lõwendenkmal and it was made to commemorate the fallen Swiss soldiers during the French revolution.

It was a very beautiful statue...Seriously!

Real white swans on the lake!!!XD

Ignore my stoned expression which can be seen in almost every picture of me.

Second day,we went straight to the mountains in the morning!
Snow covered houses and roads that are non-existent in Malaysia.

 From the rotating cable car going up to the Titlis mountain!
Such pretty mountains!

Stoned with a beanie on my head cause IT WAS BLOODY COLD! Cold until my mucus was flowing like crazy!

 I ate Movenpick ice-cream too when the weather is bloody cold already!

I don't know what this is man,some waterfall somewhere i guess.

I wish I could visit Switzerland again and this time during springtime so that I won't freeze my ass off.

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