Sunday, January 30, 2011

My first car accident involving another car with mine

Such a long title but it clearly states that I got into a car accident.It was only my second time driving out in the real roads cause most of the time I only drive around my housing area and THIS HAD TO HAPPEN!You can see the 2 pictures of the damage done at the previous post.

How did it happen?Well,after I picked up a friend then I was turning left in my own lane.On my right was a line of cars waiting for the traffic light to turn red so I was just driving on my own lane but I didn't notice suddenly another car from the right lane cut in,in front of me.Due to my slow reaction and inexperience,we knocked into each other.

Oh,my poor Ocean that's not even 1 year old yet!T_T

Luckily,the lady was so nice and she didn't go crazy mad at me after she got out of the car.She didn't even ask me to pay her money!cause it was a minor accident.She was more worried about me anyone in the car getting hurt and all.She is SO NICE!HOW CAN SHE BE SO NICE WHEN MY OCEAN MADE A SMALL DENT ON HER CAR?!

Good thing is she was not driving an expensive or a new car.

My dad probably got pissed off and thinking that I banged up her car really badly that he kept asking her if she wants to claim insurance but she kept saying No cause she doesn't wanna lose money.Heck,I don't even know anything about CAR INSURANCE!I don't even know what am I suppose to do after banging someone's car!My friend even think it was so cool cause it was a first time that one sat in a friend's car and got into an accident.-_-lll

I don't know why my mum has to broadcast this to the whole family.It is really annoying and it will be extra annoying when Chinese New Year comes.All the aunties will be talking about it definitely.-_-lll

Saturday, January 29, 2011



Someone else.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peacock inspired

My new lolita dress and shoes

My dress and shoes are finally here after 2 months of waiting!It arrived yesterday!The dress is from Dear Celine and the shoes are from Antaina!All ordered from taobao through my friend called Aiko.I was so excited that I just had to try it on immediately so forgive me if I looked ridiculous.XD

I like it cause its classic lolita and not too many bows and ribbons around the dress.I just got back after a long day out so ignore my face.The dress is a little heavy so my deflated petticoat didn't help much.

My first pair of white mary janes!XD

I really like the design!I will maybe get the same one but in black later!XD.It fits me perfectly too but it will hurt if i wear it for a long time so bare with it till the shoe has soften a little bit.

Heart-shaped buckle.

There is a hidden zipper on the right side of the dress.

The back of the dress has shirring.

The laces and ruffles at the end of the dress.

Front of the dress.I really like the design cause its has a bit of a Victorian feel to it.

Ribbons to tie at the neck.

The ribbons are detachable!So if you hate ribbons then you can take it off and it will a plain dress.

The laces at the side.

I think I need a new petticoat cause my deflated petticoat is gonna go to the bin cause of its flatness.I don't wanna put starch water on it or whatever chemicals you use to make the petticoat last longer cause its gonna attract ants and I don't want ants or insects in my closet or in my room in fact.

By the way,I finally drove on the real roads on my own today because I forgotten to set the alarm so I didn't tag along with the parents and I need to go to college for dance class,belly dancing class actually.So I woke up and started to panic cause I have to drive to college on my own which I have never done before!Heck,the only roads I drove on for practice are the roads close to my house.SO I WAS SO NERVOUS AND SCARED THE WHOLE TIME I WAS DRIVING CAUSE THERE WAS ACTUALLY TRAFFIC AND MANY CARS AND TOLLS!I even knocked my car door onto the toll cubicle place cause I couldn't reach to tag my Touch & Go card and the result is a small scratch at the edge of the car door,I pray that my parents will think of it as dirt and not a scratch.Nearly knocked another car's butt cause the stupid car cut in front me so closely that if I didn't brake that stupid car will surely get hit.Stupid car made me more panic.>_<.I HOPE KARMA GETS YOU STUPID CAR!

I got my license 2 years ago and since then I haven't been driving often so my resolution this year to be able to drive on my own safely.My parents didn't know I drove the car to college on my own so I only called mum after I reach the college with the car still in 1 piece.I think I made her speechless.Reached college and found out the girl that was suppose to teach us didn't come so no class so I just ate lunch with Audrey and hang out till Wesley arrived to get the money I owe him.Audrey was the first of my friends to sit in my car so she feels honoured!XD.She loves Myvis'.I promise to take her somewhere when she's free.

Tomorrow,I want to go to Mid Valley Megamall to spend my Stage cosmetics voucher which is gonna expire by the end of the month which is days away and I shall be fetching Emily Yeoh to accompany me.Oh my god,so much more pressure when there is someone's life in your hands!But I must do it!Need to get over my fear of driving and need more practice.Hopefully my car and Emily will be in 1 piece by the end of the day.*FINGERS and TOES CROSSED!*

Monday, January 24, 2011

For Linda Fargo

For Linda Fargo
For Linda Fargo by kylie91 featuring jersey skirts
After doing some research,I think Linda's style is more to the classic side but with a twist!She seems to follow the style where she will keep the rest of the outfit neutral to make one part of her outfit to stand out.So I took this inspiration from one of her pictures and came up with this set.I pick the Tiger Print Blouse as the focus of the outfit.So the rest of her outfit are all black to keep it neutral and so that the tiger blouse will stand out more.A black coat and black tights to keep her warm.She seems to wear pointy shoes often so I choose a black one to match.I pick a simple dangling earring so it will not overpower her blouse.

First time to Chicpop!

It was my first time to a Chicpop event and it was cool cause you can actually see the clothes in person rather than staring at the PC screen and wondering whether the clothes really look that good or is it edited in terms of lighting and colors.Funny thing is I didn't buy any clothes at all!I just got myself some really cool accessories cause there was so many unique stuff there!XD.

There was a few shops selling vintage clothes,shoes,bags,and John Lennon/Liam Gallagher inspired sunglasses.Almost got one for myself but I saw a really nice one when I was shopping on 6th Sungei Wang so I'll probably get it there if the price is reasonable.

This is what I wore for the event.Space loose crop top-RM20 from 6th floor Sungei Wang,Grey Zipper Skinny Jeans-RM50 from Beetch,High-heel Wedges from Vincci.I have learn a really good lesson that day,never run in heels especially when you're wearing it for the first time because my legs was shaking so much after I ran to my friends and after a few hours of walking in it,I was in pain so I SALUTE CHICKS THAT CAN WALK IN HEELS FOR HOURS AND ALSO RUNNING IN THEM!Thank god,I brought some flat shoes cause I knew that was gonna happen.

Audrey,Me and Pei Yi who just came back to visit from Australia recently!We got ourselves a free make-up session with Topshop Make-up which had a booth during the event too!XD

I really like what the make-up artist did to my eyes!Smokey eye look!I really need to go trim my eyebrows,I wanna try threading so hopefully its not so painful!I just asked them to do the eye make-up and lip gloss cause I already had foundation on my face and I don't wanna get break outs cause they all use the same brush on everyone's face.But I already have other people's germs on my eyes and lips but you won't get zits at those parts of your face right?

Close up on my top!Some of the stars are star-shaped studs and this top was love at first sight for me cause it was so unique and it is hard to find outer space inspired tops here!They have it at other colors such as Dusty Pink and Grey but Black is the best!More space like!XD

The earrings I got for only RM10 from The Curve.Out of all the chunky earrings they have,this was the outstanding one!Even Audrey thinks its the nicest one!Seriously,another love at first sight moment for me!XD

The Tongue In Chic goodie bag!XD.God,me love goodie bags!XD

The vouchers and the sanitary pads are from the goodie bag while the rest is purchased with my own money!The chain thing is actually a hair accessory!

This is how the hair chain looks like!Well,it looks like that on Takorina,my Octopus.I'll take a nicer picture of it on a human head soon.It costs RM40 cause it uses 5 chains.It has another design in 3 chains only RM30.Got this from the Zikkos booth.I also got a 15% voucher to use when purchasing their stuff online.AWESOME!XD.Maybe I'll get this when I get my next allowance!XD

Got these two bangles for only RM10!RM5 each and I was having a hard time choosing which one to get but I fell in love with the purple tigers and I really love snakes too!So got them both!XD

Got this Dragon Ring from the Zikkos both too!RM30,I know quite pricey but it was the last one there and I bought cause I am proud to have my surname which is Lung which means Dragon in Mandarin!My camera phone can't capture its awesomeness here.


Next time when I go to any Chicpop events,I shall wear flat shoes and bring more money!XD

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Polyvore-TACORI Golden Globes $1,000 Mini Editor Contest‏

This contest is especially for my readers to participate.In conjunction to the TACORI contest in Polyvore,TACORI has created this mini editor for blog readers to customize their own red carpet look based on the recent Golden Globes Award.This mini editor has dresses,shoes,clutches,pictures of the popular Golden Globe Nominees and many more and most importantly TACORI JEWELRY!!!

So to the main part,WHAT ARE YOU GONNA GET IF YOUR SUBMISSION IS CHOSEN?The reader whose submission is chosen by Polyvore will receive a TACORI 18k925 Jewelry piece of their choice!Now who wouldn't want that?Diamonds are a girl's best friend after all!XD

If the winner's submission is made using the mini editor in my blog,I will win a prize too!So I'll be happy and you'll be happy!XD

So what are you waiting for?Start styling!You can submit as many entries as you want until the deadline which is on January 20th, 2011.2 days only so time is of the essence!I have already created 2 if you count the Lea Michele inspired coordinate at the post below and also one using this mini editor so that you get an example on how to put your own coordinate.GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY POLYVORING!^_^

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

Lea Michele inspired

Lea Michele inspired
Lea Michele inspired by kylie91 featuring a christian louboutin pump
I was watching E!News Live From the Red Carpet today and I saw Lea Michele in a beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress and she wore some jewelry that is similar to TACORI's jewelry!So I came up with this coordinate inspired by Lea Michele.Her dress is salmon pink with one off-shoulder ruffle that leads to the side of her dress.The dress I pick is similar but its shorter compared to Lea's long dress.I pick white Christian Louboutin's and a white clutch to keep her look neutral and to make the jewelry stand out more.Lea wore a blue ring,a diamond bracelet and a pair of diamond stud earrings so I picked TACORI's blue diamond ring,diamond bracelet and diamond stud earrings.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The shortest concert I have been to

Seriously,the Digi Live K-pop Party Night lasted only for 1 hour 30 minutes but it was good that the concert started right on time and there was no waiting time when they were changing for the next act on stage!The venue has air-condition but obviously it didn't help much cause I was sweating my ass off from all the screaming and jumping.The most sucky part was being told to not wave my yellow sticks around cause I was blocking the cameramen,well its your fault for letting me stand at the spot in front of you and for having a low-position camera!So I hope my yellow sticks have destroyed all of your recordings!XD

It was not super-crowded like I expect it to be,maybe because the ticket is pricey?Well,thanks to that I got an awesome view even though I am in the Gold Zone but stupid guards won't let me stand on the barrier or else I would get an excellent view of their faces!

Flying blip~or whatever you call this

Ok,this dude was the local act that performed before G.Na came out and he looks like Jang Geun Suk!Seriously!XD

The host for the night was Royce from radio station.

Giant yellow balls that can crush people.

G.Na performed first and was accompanied by Jun Hyung from Beast!She only sang a few songs but  I can't wait for her new album which is coming out soon!She sang 'I'll back off so you can live better','Take a bow-Rihanna(she forgotten a few lyrics but she did an awesome job anyway!)','Supa solo' and that's it if I'm not mistaken.

A small Q&A session after she sang her first song.By the way,I think she has big basoomas for her size.

Immediately after her was 4Minute!OMG,THEY ARE SO PRETTY AND HOT IN PERSON!AND FAIR TOO!OMG I WANT TO BE FAIR LIKE THEM!I WANT THEIR LEGS TOO!XD.They sang quite a lot of songs such as 'I My Me Mine','Huh','Muzik','Hot Issue','Highlight' and that's all.

Small Q&A session after their first song.They need translators but G.Na was fine on her own!XD


Lastly,the one I really wanted to see since I missed them the first time they came to Malaysia,BEAST!XD.OMG,THEY ARE ALL SO HOT!!!Bummer,that Kik Wang couldn't be there cause he has to shot for a drama called 'My Princess'.I SWEAR I WAS SCREAMING MY ASS OFF WHILE THEY WERE PERFORMING!XD.They sang the most songs for the night which are 'Soom','Special','Shock','V.I.U(Very Important You)','Beautiful','Oasis',and that's all if I'm not mistaken.

Q&A session!


I can totally imagine Samantha's drooling face right now.She calls him ang moh cause he looks like he has the mixed genes and she didn't know his name.Dong Woon is same age as us and the youngest in the group too!XD.She said when she saw him came on stage,she nearly jizzed in her pants cause she was sort of holding it in before the concert started.

Only Du Jun and Dong Woon took off their jackets!So many screaming girls here!XD

Samantha and I after the whole thing,all sweaty and satisfied!XD.Samantha asked me what are Beast famous songs before it started then,I told her Soom,then she said is it the group who sang Bingeul-Bingeul?Does it have a member called Lee Jun?Hahaha,both of the description she said are from 2 different groups!XD