Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bentoya Japanese Restaurant!

I know I'm suppose to blog this last year but I was in my korean drama mood!XD.Now that I finished watching the whole series of 'Mary Stayed Out All Night',I can blog now!

I submitted this picture for the Facehunter contest but was not chosen so quite bummed out about it.>_<

A jug of Watermelon Juice that only costs RM4.I couldn't even finish it!Anyway,I was invited by Darren to Bentoya Japanese Restaurant which is located at SS15 opposite Asia Cafe only,close to Snowflakes.Its on the 1st floor so have to walk up stairs to reach the restaurant.Darren's friend just opened this restaurant recently so it has having an Opening Promotion so as you can see a jug of juice for only RM4 if my memory serves me right.

The best part was there was free mini bento sets too but on selected bento only.So I chose the Chicken Katsu Curry bento!IT WAS AWESOME!!!0_0
The curry tasted awesome seriously!Not too salty or spicy!JUST AWESOME!XD

The people who came!I can tell you I only know the people at my left,right and the dude with glasses.But the other people are alright,some are nice.

The food there overall is good but the normal price would be a little pricey for students and I was lucky to be able to eat there cheap.I wouldn't mind going to eat there again but not so often only.

After this post I will post up 'Copy my look 2'  then I will put up my 2011 resolutions!XD.

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