Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My new lolita dress and shoes

My dress and shoes are finally here after 2 months of waiting!It arrived yesterday!The dress is from Dear Celine and the shoes are from Antaina!All ordered from taobao through my friend called Aiko.I was so excited that I just had to try it on immediately so forgive me if I looked ridiculous.XD

I like it cause its classic lolita and not too many bows and ribbons around the dress.I just got back after a long day out so ignore my face.The dress is a little heavy so my deflated petticoat didn't help much.

My first pair of white mary janes!XD

I really like the design!I will maybe get the same one but in black later!XD.It fits me perfectly too but it will hurt if i wear it for a long time so bare with it till the shoe has soften a little bit.

Heart-shaped buckle.

There is a hidden zipper on the right side of the dress.

The back of the dress has shirring.

The laces and ruffles at the end of the dress.

Front of the dress.I really like the design cause its has a bit of a Victorian feel to it.

Ribbons to tie at the neck.

The ribbons are detachable!So if you hate ribbons then you can take it off and it will a plain dress.

The laces at the side.

I think I need a new petticoat cause my deflated petticoat is gonna go to the bin cause of its flatness.I don't wanna put starch water on it or whatever chemicals you use to make the petticoat last longer cause its gonna attract ants and I don't want ants or insects in my closet or in my room in fact.

By the way,I finally drove on the real roads on my own today because I forgotten to set the alarm so I didn't tag along with the parents and I need to go to college for dance class,belly dancing class actually.So I woke up and started to panic cause I have to drive to college on my own which I have never done before!Heck,the only roads I drove on for practice are the roads close to my house.SO I WAS SO NERVOUS AND SCARED THE WHOLE TIME I WAS DRIVING CAUSE THERE WAS ACTUALLY TRAFFIC AND MANY CARS AND TOLLS!I even knocked my car door onto the toll cubicle place cause I couldn't reach to tag my Touch & Go card and the result is a small scratch at the edge of the car door,I pray that my parents will think of it as dirt and not a scratch.Nearly knocked another car's butt cause the stupid car cut in front me so closely that if I didn't brake that stupid car will surely get hit.Stupid car made me more panic.>_<.I HOPE KARMA GETS YOU STUPID CAR!

I got my license 2 years ago and since then I haven't been driving often so my resolution this year to be able to drive on my own safely.My parents didn't know I drove the car to college on my own so I only called mum after I reach the college with the car still in 1 piece.I think I made her speechless.Reached college and found out the girl that was suppose to teach us didn't come so no class so I just ate lunch with Audrey and hang out till Wesley arrived to get the money I owe him.Audrey was the first of my friends to sit in my car so she feels honoured!XD.She loves Myvis'.I promise to take her somewhere when she's free.

Tomorrow,I want to go to Mid Valley Megamall to spend my Stage cosmetics voucher which is gonna expire by the end of the month which is days away and I shall be fetching Emily Yeoh to accompany me.Oh my god,so much more pressure when there is someone's life in your hands!But I must do it!Need to get over my fear of driving and need more practice.Hopefully my car and Emily will be in 1 piece by the end of the day.*FINGERS and TOES CROSSED!*