Thursday, January 13, 2011

Digi Live K-Pop Concert tonight!

My first concert for 2011 is gonna be tonight!Time passed so fast.I was not even counting the days to this concert cause I was in my slack at home and don't care about other things mood.Somehow,I am passing the K-pop season for something like OASIS or Arctic Monkeys cause BRITISH ROCK BANDS ARE AWESOME.I did thought of selling my ticket but I'm going with my little sister so can't let her go alone.

Hopefully,I won't get lost on the way to find Stadium Negara.Heard some rumours that the seats are not numbered and its first come,first serve.But I'm not so willing to wait all day under the rain and the sun just to get good seats.Maybe I would when I was in the K-Pop season.Still I can't wait to see Hyuna and the Beast boys live and G.Na too!XD

Please let the concert go on smoothly with no stupid technical difficulties and let them start on time!*fingers crossed*

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