Thursday, April 30, 2009


Means want to meet you again!The english translation for the Ayabie song!I love it!XD

Wanting to meet you Just Wanting to meet you
As it overflowed The unrequited love born in May Got struck down by rain
Wanting to meet you Just Wanting to meet you
Only in my dreams, at least I will hold you close and never let go

Looking up at the weeping sky of an evening shower,We were taking shelter, weren't we
Noticing the way I try to keep to your walking pace,You smile
Shoulders touching, under an umbrella Right now
To anyone who looks at us, we're lovers

Wanting to meet you Just Wanting to meet you
If only I could Honestly tell you everything I wanted to say As I pleased
The gentle warmth that brushes Against my right arm
The day I can call that love, would be here

From the trivial mail that I received from you sometimes
The heart marks that appear in them I've been gazing at them today too
Wanting to hear your voice, I searched for an excuse My hesitant finger, it trembles!

Wanting to meet you Yet Unable to meet you
My heart, as it is now If only I could start running towards where you are now
I'd like to believe Even if it's an unexpected chance meeting
Surely, it must be a miracle that spring bestowed upon us

Not just anyone You are the one I'd like to embrace closely

I love you Simply That I love you
Unable to speak I wish upon the first evening star that shines in the night sky
Wanting to meet you Wanting to meet you Simply Wanting to meet you
As it overflowed The unrequited love born in May Got struck down by rain
Wanting to meet you Just Wanting to meet you
Only in my dreams, at least I will hold you close and never let go.

Nice right?XD

Takehito,Intetsu,Aoi,Kenzo(*screaming in background*) & Yumehito!XD

I love their latest B-side album cover!Its drawn by Shinjo Mayu,a famous manga artist who draws sexy romantic mangas!Well,I think most of her mangas involves a girl getting rape a few times by different guys and in the end the girl falls in love with the 1st dude who raped her...I just read one of her mangas and its very 'interesting',not going into details...XD

English literature!

I will only go to schools which offer english literature and maybe arts!I absolutely will not take maths!X_X

Anyway I quite happy and sad that Form 6 will start schooling on May 11th or May 12th.Happy cause I'm finally doing something other than staying at home.Sad cause I can't be lazy anymore!XD

Anyway,I'm losing my desire to blog cause nothing exciting seems to happen in my life so if I do update it will be about 'amazing'.XD

I love Ayabie!Omg!They have become more handsome than pretty!XD.They cut off their long beautiful hair already!0_0.The vocalist is so much more handsome now!XD

Sweet mother of cakes!Kenzo at 1.15!HOT!I LOVE YOU KENZO!XD.And of course i love all of them too but Kenzo is the best!XD

This video is the one that captured my attention!OMG,KENZO IN GLASSES BROWSING THROUGH A BOOK!XD.OMG,KENZO LOOKS SO HOT PLAYING THE DRUMS at 0.53!!!XD.If I see any guys walking on the street with that hairstyle,I will start hyperventilating!XD

Compare the 2 videos!The first one is the latest and this one is the 2007 video!

Monday, April 27, 2009

LEE JUN-KI & LEE MIN HO!!!*hyperventilates*


He can sing and dance!!!XD.AHHH~~~!!!F***ING HOT!!!Watch the video!!!XD

The very famous Gu Jun-Pyo actor Lee Min-Ho with the very sexy Jessica Gomez!He sang the song in the background!0_0.I can imagine girls melting after watching this commercial!XD

Friday, April 24, 2009

Vampire Knight Chapter 49.

Is sooo...SWEET!I'm getting goosebumps thinking about it!!!XD

Kaname has killed so many people and told so many lies but Yuki still loves him and wants to share his burden together with him and wants to stay with him forever!!!AHHH~~~!!!XD

I was smiling like a psycho when reading the chapter!!!Means I can't stop smiling while reading the YukiXKaname part!!!XD

I think most girls who reads Vampire Knight wished they were in Yuki's shoes for one day to get close to Kaname!I don't mind either!XD

Here's the link!!!(Credits to onemanga & SGK!)

P.S:I think I'm gonna go read it again!!!XD

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby the Stars Shine Bright!0_0

Is super adorable and of course super expensive!But it still goes out of stock whenever a new design comes out!XD

This is to make Chloe go crazy and hyper!!!XD.Its a pencil case btw!XD

I am in love with these dresses from them!XD

Sadly,it exceeds RM1000+ for one...T_T.I wanna work to get it!!!T_T

credits to Baby The Stars Shine Bright for the pictures.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am now waiting for my P-license!!!XD.Me can't wait!!!But I seriously hate the picture of me in my L-license!It looked like I was burned!!!0_0

Monday, April 20, 2009

My dream Millefleurs dresses...XD

I would like to have a moment of silence for Jun Hin's dog Boi Boi...who has just passed away a few days ago.I hope he's enjoying himself in dog heaven.

I am in love with Millefleurs dresses!Its so beautiful!Even the price can make you faint!XD.How about RM1000+ for a dress?

That's what you call branded lolita items!XD

credits to Millefleurs for this pictures.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sucky weather...

I currently hate Malaysia's weather!Its making me angry for the small things that people do and annoys me like ****!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Is making my stomach ache!XD.Its from laughing too much la not the sick one!XD.You should watch their parody for Wonder Girls -Nobody!Epic!!!XD.This can definitely cheer you up whenever you are feeling down and low!Guaranteed!XD



I think the guy in green is HOT!LOL!XD


Its a commercial for this super duper cool SAMSUNG phone!!!I want!!!XD

Come and rescue me,Kim Bum!XD

P.S:The background music is from SHINEE-Bodyguard!XD


The suppose to be surprise gathering!Fei Sin & Weng Cheok wante dto surprise us by bringing Jun Hin back on that day and it turned out we were not surprised at all!XD.First word that came out when we saw Jun Hin,'CHEH~!'.XD.Btw,we ate lunch at Vivo Restaurant in Times Square.I just noticed that I didn't get Jun Hin's picture!!!XD

The guys who came!Kuo Jian,Ivan & Weng Cheok!

I don't know why Ivan loves taking gay photos...-_-lll

The girls!Me,Fei Sin,Wei Yian & Qian Qi!

The yellow guy is actually a fake pendrive that Jun Hin brought back from Singapore!And we spent more than RM20 to get the free ice-cream!Yummy!XD

The outing where Jun Hin is the Boss(*coughcough*),Weng Cheok the secretary,Ivan the driver and me the maid!XD.Sorry I didn't take better pictures!Was distracted by these loonies!XD.That Jun Hin was seriously wearing a suit!

Kuo Jian's Birthday Dinner in HONEY STAR again!XD

Birthday Boy!Sorry I couldn't take a nicer picture!
These 2 sang nice love songs that the customer requested and they're really good!They even sang Happy Birthday to Birthday Boy,Horny Jian!XD

Monday, April 13, 2009

New layout!

Give me some feedback on this layout is it too bright?

And I lost all your bloglinks!

Help me by telling me your blog link again ya!^_^


Pictures of Kuo Jian's birthday dinner in Honey Star(again!) will be uploaded if I'm not lazy...XD

Until then let's all breath in the fresh air!XD

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The theme is semi-formal.I'm gonna wear a dress tomorrow and go for movies in Times Square.The guys(Jun Hin,Weng Cheok & Ivan) are gonna wear suits.

We(me and Weng Cheok are not Taylor's students!XD) were suppose to go to Taylor's College at 11a.m for some orientation thing which requires students to be dressed as semi-formal attire but Ivan got lazy so not going to Taylor's.But Jun Hin got a 'brilliant' idea!He said why not we wear semi-formal and go watch The Fast and The Furious?.I didn't like the idea at first but I gave in and we'll see what happens in the morning...

I will be the only girl...and my paranoid self is coming out again...Should i bring an umbrella for self-defense?

Anyone can come and join us and wear semi-formal and go for movies together with us at 10a.m. in Times Square.We will be watching The Fast and The Furious,how elegant.Let's all do this crazy act together!XD

Like someone always say,LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!Or you can be like Jim Carrey in the 'Yes,Man' Movie!XD

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


also stands for my craziness for Vidoll!XD

Those girls(bitches!) who get to lie on the same bed with JUI(vocalist) or even hug him are so pretty and lucky!!!I wanna be one of those girls who get to touch him!XD.(i'm not that horny la!).Actually all the guys in the band are HOT!The girls in the video is also HOT!

I have to admit Shun(lead guitarist) has a really awesome tattoo on his right arm!Don't kill me Amanda,I know he's yours!!!XD.I just love his dragon tattoo!XD.You gotta admit its COOL!0_0.He's 183cm,the tallest in the band!

Tero(drummer) is quite handsome too!But he's only 164cm!

JUI is 172cm!He's mine!!!XD

Rame(bassist) is 163cm!And he's doesn't look so girly anymore and he doesn't wear skirts much anymore!I'm so happy he's becoming a man!XD

Giru(guitarist) is 164cm.He looks good on certain angles only but he's still good-looking to me!XD

I think the girl is really pretty but I hate her for being on the same bed as JUI!!!X_X

She looks a bit like an angmoh and yes she's pretty also!But I hate her for hugging JUI!X_X

P.S:You can see Shun's tattoo even when you haven't load the video!!!Pretty!!!0_0