Wednesday, April 1, 2009


also stands for my craziness for Vidoll!XD

Those girls(bitches!) who get to lie on the same bed with JUI(vocalist) or even hug him are so pretty and lucky!!!I wanna be one of those girls who get to touch him!XD.(i'm not that horny la!).Actually all the guys in the band are HOT!The girls in the video is also HOT!

I have to admit Shun(lead guitarist) has a really awesome tattoo on his right arm!Don't kill me Amanda,I know he's yours!!!XD.I just love his dragon tattoo!XD.You gotta admit its COOL!0_0.He's 183cm,the tallest in the band!

Tero(drummer) is quite handsome too!But he's only 164cm!

JUI is 172cm!He's mine!!!XD

Rame(bassist) is 163cm!And he's doesn't look so girly anymore and he doesn't wear skirts much anymore!I'm so happy he's becoming a man!XD

Giru(guitarist) is 164cm.He looks good on certain angles only but he's still good-looking to me!XD

I think the girl is really pretty but I hate her for being on the same bed as JUI!!!X_X

She looks a bit like an angmoh and yes she's pretty also!But I hate her for hugging JUI!X_X

P.S:You can see Shun's tattoo even when you haven't load the video!!!Pretty!!!0_0

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