Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The suppose to be surprise gathering!Fei Sin & Weng Cheok wante dto surprise us by bringing Jun Hin back on that day and it turned out we were not surprised at all!XD.First word that came out when we saw Jun Hin,'CHEH~!'.XD.Btw,we ate lunch at Vivo Restaurant in Times Square.I just noticed that I didn't get Jun Hin's picture!!!XD

The guys who came!Kuo Jian,Ivan & Weng Cheok!

I don't know why Ivan loves taking gay photos...-_-lll

The girls!Me,Fei Sin,Wei Yian & Qian Qi!

The yellow guy is actually a fake pendrive that Jun Hin brought back from Singapore!And we spent more than RM20 to get the free ice-cream!Yummy!XD

The outing where Jun Hin is the Boss(*coughcough*),Weng Cheok the secretary,Ivan the driver and me the maid!XD.Sorry I didn't take better pictures!Was distracted by these loonies!XD.That Jun Hin was seriously wearing a suit!

Kuo Jian's Birthday Dinner in HONEY STAR again!XD

Birthday Boy!Sorry I couldn't take a nicer picture!
These 2 sang nice love songs that the customer requested and they're really good!They even sang Happy Birthday to Birthday Boy,Horny Jian!XD

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