Thursday, April 30, 2009

English literature!

I will only go to schools which offer english literature and maybe arts!I absolutely will not take maths!X_X

Anyway I quite happy and sad that Form 6 will start schooling on May 11th or May 12th.Happy cause I'm finally doing something other than staying at home.Sad cause I can't be lazy anymore!XD

Anyway,I'm losing my desire to blog cause nothing exciting seems to happen in my life so if I do update it will be about 'amazing'.XD

I love Ayabie!Omg!They have become more handsome than pretty!XD.They cut off their long beautiful hair already!0_0.The vocalist is so much more handsome now!XD

Sweet mother of cakes!Kenzo at 1.15!HOT!I LOVE YOU KENZO!XD.And of course i love all of them too but Kenzo is the best!XD

This video is the one that captured my attention!OMG,KENZO IN GLASSES BROWSING THROUGH A BOOK!XD.OMG,KENZO LOOKS SO HOT PLAYING THE DRUMS at 0.53!!!XD.If I see any guys walking on the street with that hairstyle,I will start hyperventilating!XD

Compare the 2 videos!The first one is the latest and this one is the 2007 video!

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