Thursday, February 25, 2010

Semester 2 results!

I got a 2.55 GPA,which has increased from my 1st Semester results of 2.3GPA.But I got 3B's and 3C's...>_<.Thank god I didn't fail any subjects!The tests was very hard though! I will end this post with a cute picture of my dogs!XD Ding Ding!.1 year old.
Gee Gee!.She's 6 years old.

14 Blades

I never thought that I would actually find Donnie Yen HOT!XD.Wu Zun also looks better in the movie.Kate Tsui character's name in the movie is hilarious!XD

There's one part in the movie where he and the girl was in a bath house after bathing seperately,they dressed up and the girl was talking about her past and what she's looking for in her future lover.She's definitely giving him hints that she's interested!And then he gave this piercing-look and he walks closer(He was shirtless!AHHH~!XD) to her and he just continue's staring,then next scene!-_-lll.I don't get that part seriously!But somehow that's the part that's installed into my memory...

Donnie Yen,I like you when you're bigger with more muscles!But you look weird when your shirt buttons looks like its gonna pop out!XD

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bo Peep!Bo peep!Bo peep!XD

This song has been in my brain for months already and I still am not fed up with it!XD.Gotta give credit to the Koreans who makes catchy music!

Online shopping freak!

Yes,I am totally into online shopping until looking at clothes in stores bore me and I rarely buy stuff directly from stores unless you count Chinese New Year shopping!XD

I am known among my group of friends as the online I got nicer stuff online through blogshops,etc.Mostly I buy clothes like my lolita dresses,lolita shoes,etc and now I'm gonna try ordering beauty products online like perfumes,nail polish,skincare,etc.

Online Shopping

-No need to walk out of your house just to get it,but have to bank-in the money through the bank or better online banking.
-Rare cannot get in shops items!Imported items!

-Risky!!!You might get cheated!But so far I didn't get cheated before.
-Have to pay for postage to reach your doorstep.
-Cannot guarantee if the items will turn out like the picture shown in the web.
-No refunds.
-Sizes may vary.Especially shoes!

Looks like they have more cons then pros...and I can honestly say I have many bad experience from ordering stuff online but now I am more careful and more wise in choosing stuff online before buying.I take a really long time to make a decision actually unless it's those 'going to sold out if you don't buy fast' kind of stuff then I make my decisions fast!XD

But some of the stuff online are more pricey compared to same stuff you can find at a shop(especially in Sungei Wang or Times Square).So my advice is to observe online and offline first before making your decision.

P.S:I must get the Alice In Wonderland OPI Mini Set!Oh,I just found a nice bargain!XD

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Percy Jackson...

Damn,the picture is huge but who cares when I get to see Logan Lerman's hot body!XD*melts*

The movie is awesome!Logan Lerman is awesomely HOT!But cliche storyline!I could predict what will happen after he cut the hydra's head off,thanks to Hercules's cartoons!XD.Its funny at the right places.The part where he caught the girl's eye was super cliche!But gotta admit that her eyes are really pretty!

*Melts again*.How could you not get captivated by him?*goes on to dreamland*

He's born on 19th January 1992.Hopefully he likes older women!XD

Hot CNY!

Bloody hell!Ever since the start of Chinese New Year,the weather got hotter and it didn't rain for days!

It's even hotter in my kampung in Ipoh,Perak!I was sweating under my legs and arms and back even when I was sitting down,which made me pissy at all the little things!My aunt thinks she's a know-it-all which annoyed me and I saw the faces she makes after someone disagrees with her behind their back so gonna be careful with her or maybe just do it back at her.XP

The good thing was 2 ducks appeared in my grandpa's house backyard one day and laid a lot of eggs and grandpa is keeping the ducks now by making a fence at the backyard cause he thinks the ducks bring luck.-_-lll.They feed human food-leftovers to be exact to the ducks...-_-lll.Grandma proudly said,"The ducks are very clever in eating the leftover meat and etc..!".Hopefully the ducks won't die of obesity cause there was plenty of leftovers!

I vow to not gamble this Chinese New Year and I didn't!Let's just say I think gambling is not cool ,rather keep my angpau money in its normal state and I rather sit somewhere and engrossed myself to a good book!

Was reading this book while I was stuck in kampung which has no internet!T_T.Has Astro but always hogged by aunties...-_-lll.The book is quite funny and I recommend it!XD

Had my reunion dinner on Friday due to some unforeseen circumstances with my dad's side of the family excluding emo grandpa at some restaurant in SS2 called Little Paris.The exterior doesn't look like Paris and the food was not French food,its just some Chinese food restaurant.The food was just so-so...
Aunt,uncle,grandma,dad & mum

Watermelon balls!XD
from the top:me,Kye Ci,Kye Jan,Kye Chin,Kye Tze,Grandma,Kye Ernn
She copied me!!!>_<
I am not gonna laugh at this picture...HAHAHA!XD

14th February,I decided to go bling-bling this year cause I couldn't find any decent red top for Chinese New Year.

Oh,that's emo grandpa in the white...

Celebrated my other grandpa's 80th birthday at Overseas Restaurant and the food was not satisfying except for the roasted pork!XD
The balding man in white is my grandpa and he was drunk!XD.Keep re-filing his Hennessy whisky!

Almost the whole family of my mum's side,got more people but didn't come in the picture.The know-it-all aunt is the one in purple sitting beside grandpa.

But the amount of money I got from the angpau's this year has decreased compared to last year eventhough I didn't gamble this year...My blonde Alice wig hasn't arrived yet...

My favourite lecturer passed away due to post martum depression...T_T.May she rest in peace...

Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 look!

My blogging mojo is back temporarily.As you can see,I gave my boring old blog,a new bright look for the new year!I like it that the colors are like candy colors!XD

Gonna create a wishlist too!XD

And I find Chinese New Year boring all these years,except for the reunion dinners where I get to eat yummy food!Shark's fin soup and roasted suckling pig!And not forgetting the angpau's!XD

I can't wait for my darling's Gee Gee and Ding Ding to come home from the pet shop later!I didn't see them since last Friday so miss them like crazy...T_T

I will have to find one day to blog about my Penang Trip last month and to show you guys the yummy yummy food I ate!Me love food~XD

P.S:Check my previous post for pictures of cakes and chocolate fountain!XD