Thursday, February 25, 2010

Semester 2 results!

I got a 2.55 GPA,which has increased from my 1st Semester results of 2.3GPA.But I got 3B's and 3C's...>_<.Thank god I didn't fail any subjects!The tests was very hard though! I will end this post with a cute picture of my dogs!XD Ding Ding!.1 year old.
Gee Gee!.She's 6 years old.


PrincessDipti said...

haha cute dog.. congratz for ur GPA. :)

hey dear.. wud u mind if i'll say that plz leave some comments on any of my blog posts? not in the chatterbox.. but in the posts itself.. if u dont mind.. i need it for my grade. :) thanks a lot.. i'll be looking forward for your comment :) pls help. ur one single click is very impt. plz plz.

and plus you're most welcome to be my follower. hehe. ur choice. :)

PrincessDipti said...

hi.. thanks a lot for visiting my profile n leaving a comment.. :) really cute dog.. hehe.. thnx a lot again dear =]