Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Online shopping freak!

Yes,I am totally into online shopping until looking at clothes in stores bore me and I rarely buy stuff directly from stores unless you count Chinese New Year shopping!XD

I am known among my group of friends as the online I got nicer stuff online through blogshops,etc.Mostly I buy clothes like my lolita dresses,lolita shoes,etc and now I'm gonna try ordering beauty products online like perfumes,nail polish,skincare,etc.

Online Shopping

-No need to walk out of your house just to get it,but have to bank-in the money through the bank or better online banking.
-Rare cannot get in shops items!Imported items!

-Risky!!!You might get cheated!But so far I didn't get cheated before.
-Have to pay for postage to reach your doorstep.
-Cannot guarantee if the items will turn out like the picture shown in the web.
-No refunds.
-Sizes may vary.Especially shoes!

Looks like they have more cons then pros...and I can honestly say I have many bad experience from ordering stuff online but now I am more careful and more wise in choosing stuff online before buying.I take a really long time to make a decision actually unless it's those 'going to sold out if you don't buy fast' kind of stuff then I make my decisions fast!XD

But some of the stuff online are more pricey compared to same stuff you can find at a shop(especially in Sungei Wang or Times Square).So my advice is to observe online and offline first before making your decision.

P.S:I must get the Alice In Wonderland OPI Mini Set!Oh,I just found a nice bargain!XD

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